Possible Couple Alert: Audrina Patridge & Tal Cooperman

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Taking a break from her Hills filming duties, Audrina Patridge spent last night living it up on Hollywood Boulevard - with Tal Cooperman.

Who is Tal Cooperman? He works with Benji and Joel Madden on their DCMA clothing line, which The Hills star has been known to frequent.

A Patridge Pic

After dinner, the pair hit up Avalon nightclub. Tal trailed behind her a bit, trying to avoid attention from celebrity photo agencies.

This was not the first time Audrina Patridge and Tal Cooperman have been spotted together. The photo above is actually from back in March!

We're not sure if we believe they're really dating, because Justin-Bobby has also been spotted with Audrina Patridge very recently. What's going on with that guy?

We do guess that Tal Cooperman probably showers more and mumbles less than J-Bobby. We base that on gut instinct, but come on, the odds are pretty good.


I know for a fact also that Tal is married and she is an awesome person. But look what website it is, if Joel for example was seen with a friend he knew when he was little, and hes was around Hollywood, then of course these sleezy photographers are gonna say hes cheating on Nicole woth that girl. He could just be friends with her but why would you wanna be friends with her???


He is married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a slim ball


I know for a fact the Tal is married. He is married to one of the sweetest, exstremely beautiful, genuine woman I know. It is a damn shame that he has no morals and will chase any skirt. He was not separated and or speaking divorce at all when he was and is playing with this girl. Also this chick knows he is married. And is spending time with him. She is one of those girls. Don't trust her around your guys ladies. And to her, I say pay back is a bitch. When she finds herself married and a cheats on her and she is devastated. Look back and remember. And he is only using her. She cannot be a better person than his wife he had at home.


I know Tal. He's married. Good one though.

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