Photo Finish: Brody Jenner vs. Brandon Jenner

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Alright, so there's not a lot of fashion you'll be comparing here. Just hot, shirtless reality TV guys with rock hard abs. Or something.

Anyway, while on a family vacation in Hawaii last week, The Hills star Brody Jenner stripped down to his swim trunks for a day at the beach.

Mugler Shot

He wasn't the only one showing off a toned physique.

Brandon Jenner, who appeared with younger brother Brody on the short-lived The Princes of Malibu, also showed off a hot-as-summer body,

Who's hotter, Brody Jenner or Brandon Jenner?


they both look good


with that hair Brandon looks way hotter than Brody (although Brody is obviously hot too)... but whenever Brandon grows his hair, Brody kinda looks better.


The one on the right looks hotter!


Brandon looks hotter


Brandon.. Surprisingly! Brody is amazing!

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