Pete Wentz Throws Out First Pitch

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Please, Chicago Cubs. Spare us next time?

We get it. Pete Wentz grew up in the Chicago area, played dive bars around the colleges before Fall Out Boy got huge, and so on.

But isn't there a better-looking celebrity with Windy City roots? We know not every star can look like DeAnna Pappas, but still ...

Ashlee Simpson's bitch throws out first pitch at Wrigley Field.

Not sure how Pete got this gig, but Joe Simpson was probably there trying to orchestrate it. That is, if he wasn't fixing Jessica Simpson's bra.

But we're getting off track here.

All we're saying is that we've had enough of this guy. Next time, Cubs, do us a favor and recruit Kendra Wilkinson for the first pitch duties.


Please writter spare us your crap next time.
I don't think you could have found someone better looking than him to throw the first pitch. And what do you mean we've had enough of him it a-wholes like you who are the reason for him being in the media, he choses to shy away from it.I doubt Pete would let daddy in law run his life for him and "get him this gig", and Joe doesn't run Ashlee's or Jessica's lives, he's just there to help them and give them the support any dad would. But I guess yours wasen't there and thats why you rag on celebrites.


Pete is incredibally HOT and if these people have issues with him grow something but in my opinion he is SUPER HOT and I would love to be in Ashlee's place!!!


Please tell me why the writer of this article bit had to call Pete a bitch. Who the heck is the little creep calling someone names. No doubt the person who wrote the newsbit is a creepy little dick whith no balls. You ass holes sould whatch what yousay about people. STOP TRYING to hurt feelings. Your lines are NOT FUNNY and you DO NOT qualify as anyone who should be writing articles.


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