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Lawyers for Girls Gone Wild sleazebag Joe Francis have subpoenaed Ashley Alexandra Dupre, a.k.a. Eliot Spitzer's hooker, to testify under oath, on video, about her shady and sordid dealings with a prostitution ring.

Following her rise to fame as Spitzer's call girl du jour, Dupre filed a $10 million suit against Francis after GGW offered her $1 million - and then rescinded the deal after they found video of her in their vaults.

Reality Star Hodgepodge

Ashley Dupre, 23, had partied with Joe Francis and the GGW gang while she was a teenager, years ago, in Florida. Naturally.

Ashley Alexandra Dupre vs. Joe Francis: Do we have to pick a side?

Lawyers for Girls Gone Wild plan to grill Ashley Dupre on a litany of topics.

Their goal is to prove that her previous use of fake names, fake IDs, fake web sites and much more will damage the shady lady's credibility.

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If you weren't convinced already that The Hills isn't exactly pure reality TV ... okay so we already knew that. But here's another lesson for us.

Stephanie Pratt, a.k.a. She-Pratt, says she's being forced by The Hills executive producer Adam Divello to go to school for the cameras.

"They're making me take summer classes," Stephanie Pratt, 21, said at last night's Target & Converse Movie Awards party in West Hollywood.

Stephanie Pratt is actually kind of hot, even in this hideous dress. She reminds us of Spencer Pratt, tough, which makes her fairly difficult to take seriously.

"I was like, ‘Adam, I don't take summer classes.' He's like, ‘Well, you're going to.'"

Makes you wonder if Stephanie and Lauren Conrad taking the same computer class last season wasn't entirely coincidental, hmm?

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The prosecution has rested in the R. Kelly sex tape trial, but not before it called Lisa Van Allen to the stand.

The former threesome partner of R. Kelly and the alleged victim in this case - who prosecutors say was underage at the time of intercourse with the singer - grew emotional yesterday as she recounted several sexual encounters with the R&B superstar and the anonymous other woman, many of which she said were videotaped.

Van Allen also told jurors (as part of more than three hours of graphic and dramatic testimony) that R. Kelly offered her $250,000 to recover a tape of one of the trysts.

R. Kelly: We believe he can fly, right into jail.

Lisa Van Allen added that she first had sex with the R&B superstar and the alleged victim in 1998. That would have made R. Kelly around 30 years old at the time, while Van Allen was about 18 and the alleged victim would have been 14. Gross stuff, indeed.

In a final, disturbing bit of testimony, Van Allen said that R. Kelly carried a duffel bag containing his homemade sex tapes everywhere he went.

"Wherever he was at, the bag would follow him," she said.

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Before hitting the gold carpet with pals Stephanie Pratt and Whitney Port for the MTV Movie Awards, The Hills' Lauren Conrad stopped by her favorite Beverly Hills salon on Sunday for some pre-show primping.

It's a good thing she ditched this dress before the big night, right? Wow. Is she on her way to referee a football game? What do you think?

Mya Fashion Choice

Lauren Conrad certainly shows her stripes with this dress. Do you love it or should she shove it (in the back of her closet for good), though?

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Grey's Anatomy star T.R. Knight and beau Mark Cornelsen won't be following Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi down the aisle just yet.

But they are happily living together.

"Mark just moved here from San Francisco," Knight said.

The Grey's Anatomy star dismissed rumors they're planning to wed and that he'll officiate a commitment ceremony.

"To clarify, we are not having a commitment ceremony and I am not performing a commitment ceremony," he told Us Weekly.

T.R. Knight, who's been with Mark Cornelsen for months, said May's legalization of gay marriage in California gave him an "extraordinary feeling."

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As ex-wife Denise Richards exploits her children for fame and fortune, Charlie Sheen says he and his new bride are planning to have kids themselves.

"It's just not happening as we speak," Sheen said of rumors that Brooke Mueller was already knocked up, insinuating that kids are part of the plan for these newlyweds.

Charlie Sheen in Canada

And just how many little ones will this couple churn out?

"Hopefully triplets!" said Mueller. "Could you imagine if I really had triplets? He'd be like, 'Whoa!'"

Considering the past indiscretions of Sheen - which include high-priced call girls and a rumored addiction to pornography - we'd all be like "Whoa!" if the world was faced with three more of his offspring.

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Zac Efron may have won an MTV Movie Award this week for his performance in Hairspray, but the beloved teen star was focused on his next role when interviewed by People.

He'll be taking on Troy Bolton again in High School Musical 3: Senior Year.

"It felt like the first two movies all over again. We just kind of can't go wrong with Kenny Ortega as our director and leader and our great cast and crew. We've got no squabbles to get through," Efron said, referring to the third installment of the franchise, which will hit theaters in October.

If Efron, or costars such as Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale and Lucas Grabeel, have any trepidation about the filming the blockbuster, it doesn't show.

"Everything's been stepped up a few notches, all the dances, and I think the songs are pretty catchy this time around. And it's our senior year, so we've got graduation and prom to look forward to. All fun things to have in a movie," Zac said.

So, will you be seeing High School Musical 3?

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Pregnant teenage couple Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge done gone n' bought themselves a new home - and ding dang, geewilikers, y'alls - dem sources we heard this from say it don't even got wheels on it! Yeeee-haww!

But seriously folks.

A Jamie Lynn Pic!

The new house - located near Lynne Spears' mansion in Kentwood, La. - has four bedrooms and plenty of room for a growing, wholesome American family to throw horseshoes, drink Natural Light and eat pork rinds out back.

Despite rumors that they're been fighting non-stop, the engaged Jamie Lynn and Casey seem to be building a nice little life together. Makes us so proud.

A PORTRAIT OF DOMESTICITY: Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge.

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When Tatum O'Neal was caught trying to purchase crack cocaine last night, she reportedly told the police that she was "researching a part as a junkie."

For some reason, those mean cops still arrested the former Oscar winner.

The chain of events got us thinking about what excuses other celebrities could have used when they were caught in sticky situations. For example...

Britney Spears, during her underwear-less, late-night jaunts to Hyde: "Ding dangit, I thought I was auditioning for Pants-Off Dance-Off, y'all!"

Kim Kardashian, following the release of her sex tape with Ray J: "I was told this would be a promotional package to be included with every Viagra sample."

Ray J, Kim Kardashian, Sex Tape

Kim Kardashian thought her sex tape with Ray J would be used to assist older men.

Amy Winehouse, stoned out of her mind: "My husband [Blake Fielder-Civil] is storing his drugs in my stomach."

Miley Cyrus, after posing topless in Vanity Fair: "This will make a lot more sense to everyone when Hannah Montana Does Dallas comes out."

Denise Richards, responding to criticism of her reality show: "It's complicated, ok?!?"

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