Ohio Man Arrested For Stalking Aly and AJ Michalka!

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Move over, Larry Mendte. You've got creepy stalker company.

The unstable fellow who's allegedly been stalking teen celebrities Aly and AJ Michalka via blog, email, and phone, just got arrested.

Rex Mettler, 42, was nabbed by police in Lancaster, Ohio.

The supposed stalker was tracked for weeks by the L.A. County Sheriff, and sources say the authorities had been tracking "threatening e-mails and blog entries" from Mettler's computer. Yeah. Guy is not un-shady.

Rex Mettler

Rex Mettler has been charged with one felony count of menacing by stalking for his alleged harassment of the teen pop-singing duo Aly and AJ Michalka.

In addition to their rare blend of dance-pop magic, Aly and AJ are also actresses, appearing regularly on (shockingly) the Disney Channel.

The sisters have also appeared on General Hospital.


wow that's reallyyy creepy! i would hate that! feel sorry for them being stalked! what have they done for this 2 happen????


creepy............what a asshole!!!!!!!


wow, that's terrible! Poor aly and AJ! I'm sure it's awfully scary to be stalked... ecspecially by a guy like that...


omg that is horrible what a jerk i would have been horrified


oh my gosh. when i first founf this out, i was completely speechless, and then i felt scared for aly & aj, and then i just wanted to scream!

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