Nick Bollea: Out of Solitary Confinement

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So much for solitary confinement.

Nick Bollea was moved out of that lonely predicament and into  a cell with three other juveniles, jail officials in Florida said Thursday.

The Pinellas County Sheriff's Office said the decision was the "result of routine and ongoing assessments of inmate population and classification."

When we asked readers if they thought Bollea deserved his punishment, an overwhelming number said yes. Do you agree?

Nick Bollea has seen better days.


i think u should all leave the hogan family alone, at the end of the day graziano was living with the hogans so his family couldnt of been that great people! and u all honestly think nick got in the car thinking "rite im, goin to put my best mate in a coma now!" i blame his mother, and as for the tv deal the poor kid is just tryin to keep his mind off things! u all need to grow up, must be good to bne so perfect,


I can not understand why Nick is under going such harsh punishment! Nick had nothing to do with the fact John was not wearing his seat belt! John is old enough to know to put on his seat belt! Not to mention even though Nick was drinking (yes its wrong) but hello would John know not to get in the car with Nick? Yes its an awful thing that happened but for the love of God people I dont see how EVERYTHING can be pinned on Nick! Give the guy a break! He can not be held responsible for his friends actions!


Nick is a LOOOOOOOOOOSER. He deserves a much harder punishment. On the bright side: Neither Nick or that idiot family of his have enough common sense to get through the next five years without breaking probation so this guy will eventually go to prison for a long time, and when he does he will certainly not be bored or lonely in there. LOL. Enjoy your Escalade ride, Nick. You will have to remember it for a long time.


Maybe Nick, Hulk, and Brooke will have a threesome. They can start the movie by oiling each other up. They can conclude it by the Hulk jacking Nick off. Happy endings.


When are we going to see a sex tape of the hulkster and brooke?. I saw a picture of the hulk putting oil on brookes ass. When are we going to see the hulk oiling up his big throbbing rod and sliding it in brookies ass?.


I wonder how his dad feels to have such a puss for a SON


Absolutely !... If anything I think he got off light. I hope the family sues him civily so that the victim is compensated for all medical expenses and future expenses as a result of this accident. Hopefully, the longer Nick is in jail, the more he will realize and accept his responsibility. His parents are not allowing him to take full responsibility.


I think the fact that he will have to live the rest of his life knowing what he did to his friend is punishment enough....
yeah he made a very stupid desicion but he is only human.... God bless both family's

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