Mom: Keira Knightley Not Anorexic

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The Hollywood Gossip: Yeah right.

Despite the actress' remarkably brittle, slender figure, the mother of Keira Knightley insists it's thanks to her genes, not her diet.

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"She's always been thin," Keira's mom, Sharman Macdonald, told Britain's Sunday Times. "She's her daddy's daughter, with his long body."

Like her father, the actress, 23, must "eat like a horse," to maintain her weight, Macdonald said. Mmm hmm. We've heard it all before.

Last year, Keira Knightley successfully sued Britain's Daily Mail, saying the tabloid implied she lied about having an eating disorder.

In 2006, Knightley vociferously denied that she suffered from anorexia. She soon began dating Rupert Friend, who's some sort of actor.

That's not at all relevant, but we thought you might be interested.

In the Times interview, Knightley's mom says the rumors are all upsetting, especially because she felt there was little she could do about them.

"It's a playground situation that we're looking at with the press â€" it's a form of bullying â€" but what can we do?"


I really don't think Keira has an eating disorder. Some people are just naturally thin, and accusations like this are upsetting and can damage someone's life. I have a friend who's as thin as Keira (maybe even thinner) and I've sat and watched her eat portions twice as big as mine without even batting an eyelash.
With all the attention about how larger people are mistreated, we often forget that people of smaller sizes are sensitive as well. It's not a compliment to call someone 'too thin', it's actually pretty offensive.
Anorexia is a serious illness, and isn't to be taken lightly. Just because you're not thin doesn't mean you're not anorexic; anorexia is a genuine fear of food, calories and gaining weight, as well as a distorted perception of their bodies.


Hahaha. I'd just love to see how perfect the person who wrote this is. =\


there are people who are thin no matter how voracious eater they may be. but hey!, one can identify a healthy thin with an unhealthy thin.


I am so sick of people assuming that just because you are thin, you are automatically anorexic.
This has to be one of my BIGGEST pet peevs.
I have also been thin my whole life, and I too eat like a horse and never seem to gain weight.
But I am perfectly healthy, no eating disorders and definately not anorexic.
People need to piss off and leave celebrities like Kiera alone. Everybody has different body types.
You're either too fat or too thin, and when you're too thin, you're labeled as some sort of sickly person with a disorder.
Grow some brain cells.


not all thin people are anorexic!!! Keira Knightly has always been skinny.


I think it's believable that she isn't. My sister is shorter than Keira, has a smaller frame than her, and has less muscle tone but she is only slightly bigger than Knightley. Trust me, my sister can and does eat. 3+ times a day and whole meals (e.g. meatloaf, cereal, sandwiches, protein bars, burgers, fries.. 'normal' everyday foods). So yeah, I believe Keira if she says she isn't anorexic.


Hello? I'm not stupid, I have two anorexic friends. Kiera Knightly is literally starving for attention! She's full of crap, everybody in the world isn't lying, she looks too skinny and unhealthy!

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