Mischa Barton Battles Bad Fashion, Skin, Taste in Men

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Despite what some consider to be model-gorgeous looks, Mischa Barton has yet to conquer three conditions which affects millions of women:

  1. Terrible fashion taste
  2. Crazy-nasty cellulite action
  3. Insistence on dating loser guys

The dreadful former OC star claimed that recent pictures showing her with raging cellulite were doctored, but, well ... see below:

Wearing a tight black mini skirt and a purple... something, the 22-year-old revealed her gross thighs while out with friends in New York. Ick!

As for people she's more than friends with, check out new boyfriend Taylor Locke (below). First Cisco Adler and now this guy ... wow. Just wow.

Hey, Taylor Locke - the late-1970s called. They want their clothes back.


i know this is old but that isnt taylor you fuck


that is not taylor locke it is brady


i dont get this website, one minute youre critisizing her for being too skinny and loosing too much weight,
next your saying how fat she is? no wonder she wants to loose weight when you are saying things like that!


yeah, she's really quite pretty, these days people look so much on the outward appearance, as long as you look nice, don't care what you are inside... kinna sad


She's a very attractive girl and she can solve her problem by simply wearing dresses that reach down to her knees.


oh, like everyone eles said... she not even FAT at all.... Her legs don't look bad what so ever! I guess she so famous, that people think all famous ppl should be perfect! Get over yall self.... Look at ur own body, when u gonna hate on someone! Just because they have money to go workout, other ppl that aren't so wealthy can still get off there ass and workout, w/ out some personal trainer! I do it all the time... I do care about my body. That cause i am athlete. People that like me, just leave Mischa alone, she a woman. And she as her own life so don't trying to run it for her! That goes for everyone at there! *~Ashley*~


I agree that most women have cellulite...but not at 22!!! Get thyself to a gym girl.. In her line of work this could be a real deal breaker. She needs to get a grip on this NOW.


Why does everyone keep picking on Mischa?! Big deal, she has cellulite- so do about 90% of women- no matter how old, young, fit they may be. It's not a big deal AT ALL- leave her alone.


This is rude. Apparently Jennifer Love Hewitt's message didn't stick. I don't even like Mischa Barton, but attacking her for a genetic (and common) physical attribute isn't necessary. I know this is a celebrity gossip site, but show a little tact.


Lots of people have cellulite. It just shows that she is a human being, just like the rest of us. She's a skinny girl who happens to have a little bit of fat in undesirable places. Jeez! Leave the poor girl alone!

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