Minka Kelly Not Too Concerned with Weight Loss

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When it comes to celebrity diets and weight loss tips, Minka Kelly's is simply this: love yourself, and don't worry all that much about it.

Don't ask the Friday Night Lights star to get rid of her curves.

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"I've heard it all. 'Lose weight, lose the booty.' It's not going anywhere though!" says the actress, who turned 28 this week.

"I'm a healthy girl. I like to eat!"

Sorry, guys. Minka Kelly is keeping those curves.

The actress, who once dated John Mayer and has recently been linked to Derek Jeter of the Yankees, wants women to love their bodies.

That means whatever their shape and what they look like.

"It's good for women everywhere, particularly young girls, to know that you don't have to be anorexic," Minka Kelly told Health.com.


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Are you KIDDING me??
WHAt curves?
It would be nice if just for once we had an actress who was actually a little on the plump side to talk about being happy just the way you are instead of these far from plus size women pontificating about not caring about how much they eat.

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