Miley Cyrus... in Bed... with a Guy!

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The Hollywood Gossip loves Miley Cyrus.

Compared to other young stars out there, this teen sensation could be knighted for sainthood.

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However, controversial photo after controversial photo continues to crop up of the 15-year old in compromising positions; she's flashing her bra, she's snuggling with a guy, she's in a bathtub with other girls.

Now, the latest picture leaked from Miley's MySpace account, shows her canoodling in bed with a guy that's rumored to be her 22-year old backup dancer, Marshall.

This Miley Cyrus photo is dark and seemingly innocent. But the singer would still be best-served to put the camera away for awhile.


Leave Miley Alone,She is just a kid.


Lots of teens do these things, I agree......but... She isn't just a teen. Her life is different, she is in the spotlight. She has to be more cautious with her behavior. She is supposed to be a "role model"... So.. Ya know?


Isn't it illegal for a 15 year old to date a 22 year old?!?!?!


This is way too much! I mean, where's the bed? Where's the wrong/racy thing in this picture? You're just hallucinating a bit, don't you think?
Just leave her alone!


arh. give her a break... if this wos a "non-famous" person.. u wouldnt care shes growing up just back off lyk innit im 17 i know what the worlds about for a teen...
if difrent for you older people because its nuthing like it used to be innit if you disagree den add nd tell me init Luke - London, England


I don't get it. Where are the racy photos?? Because they're certainly aren't any here.


there is nothin wrong with these pics and for all the parents who r havin a fit... check ur kids cause im sure they so the same


There is absolutely nothing wrong with any of these pictures. Its not like shes completely nude, and shes just a kid. Shes having fun. I myself am only 12 and my boyfriend and I have kissed and laid together on a bed/couch, theres nothing wrong with it. I mean, its not like were doing anything. And who says Miley was doing something wrong here?
If she went and got pregnant, yeah thats another story. But just laying with a guy, its not that bad.


This is typical of youth in America and all over the world. She is a growing young lady and kids do hang out and kiss and feel one another up. This is natural it is just that she is a Idol of many young kids who are already doing these things. Parent of stars allow alot more than regular parent especailly her she is the bread and butter of her family her father was out the limelight for years but a Slug or leech he is.


Where is the bed?? Must be only in your mind.


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Thank you guys for all your support. Without you, none of this would be possible. I love every one of you and I could not be more appreciative. God bless you.

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I have let myself down. I will learn from my mistakes and trust my support team. My family and my faith will guide me through my life's journey.

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