Miley Cyrus... in Bed... with a Guy!

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The Hollywood Gossip loves Miley Cyrus.

Compared to other young stars out there, this teen sensation could be knighted for sainthood.

Indian Cowgirl Outfit

However, controversial photo after controversial photo continues to crop up of the 15-year old in compromising positions; she's flashing her bra, she's snuggling with a guy, she's in a bathtub with other girls.

Now, the latest picture leaked from Miley's MySpace account, shows her canoodling in bed with a guy that's rumored to be her 22-year old backup dancer, Marshall.

This Miley Cyrus photo is dark and seemingly innocent. But the singer would still be best-served to put the camera away for awhile.

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you uril miley cyrus.


Miley u r a lezbo and i hate your guts and i hop you die


miley has become a big star in her career life, and you know that, so just leave her alone so she can get on with it, we know its illegal, and she knows it too. she is a smart peorson, she knows what she is doing. because she is rich, she will spend the money, i mean.. who wouldnt?
and i am quite happy that instead of spending the money from her birthday party (the one where she rented the whole of disneyland) she is giving it away to charity. i think she has a great job.. singer and actress. she is one lucky girl, and it looks like her dreams have come true!!!


yea i don't see any one els but miley and see a bad pic dats wouldnt be not roll model style would be 1 of mine i look good in it lol but i got a black&mild in my ear oh yea miley if u ever read d's i say u hella sexy and i'm not some creepy old dude or stalker just sayin i'm 15 ya dig


He's hott, and that picture is cute. I'm sure they weren't doing anything. It's illegal.


shes so sluty


hey miley my name is ken and i think of you as my barbie!!!!:)


miley your a b**** you need to stop actin' like your 28
you have to slow your hairy a** down child!!!


miley your a warthog!!!!


miley why are you acting like this? your growing up too fast and you act like your 21 when your not. just slow down cause when you get older you could turn into another brittney and think about your fans your losing more and more as you grow older and make more wrong decisions trust me