Matt Grant Moves Out of Shayne Lamas' Condo

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That took, what, almost an entire month? Way to go guys!

The Bachelor star Matt Grant, is no longer living with fiancée Shayne Lamas, though the Brit insists that all is well with the two.

Sure thing, Matt. You tell yourself that.

The couple have cohabitated at Shayne Lamas' Century City, Calif., place since the Bachelor season ended with the two getting engaged.

But Matt Grant moved because the two "need space to grow."

"I had to get my own life out here (in L.A.)," says Grant.

"Get my career and friends and have my own circle. That's important in a relationship. That you are not entirely on top of someone."


Matt Grant and Shayne Lamas got engaged on The Bachelor in May.

The couple has been dogged by rumors of discord since their TV engagement.

Grant says that they are doing well overall, though.

"Early on in the relationship, people need a little space," says Grant.

"It's almost to keep the spark â€" the romance â€" that exists in the first year of a relationship. Living together after knowing one another after four months is probably a little bit quick. Certainly for our generation."

Matt Grant does concede it has been "a difficult time" but insists that most of the pressure has come from "external forces."

He says the two are still engaged despite having moved into his own condo in the Valley.

And he insists that he's had no second thoughts about choosing Shayne Lamas: "I made the right decision."

Okay. Give it another few weeks then.


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Shayne: Be smart Like Arlene Dahl hold on to this man. You've had a othanded to you don't blow it.
There are other pretty girls in Hollywood.
I want to ssee you married to Matt forever


Well, here's a new thought.........Why don't we just wish them both well and stop all this wild speculation. Let them figure (or not figure) all this out without our help.


I think they're cute together! She's way to young to get married though. Shayne too classy to be divorced by 40 because she threw away her 20's and rushed into something before her frontal lobe was developed!!! If it's really love, he'll be there when your 30 girl ;-)


I think they both had reasons for getting together.
Shayne to get more exposure and Grant is in love with Hollywood

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