Mary-Kate Olsen Discusses New Movie, Spencer Pratt

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David Letterman loves ripping on Spencer Pratt.

Then again, so do we, and there's certainly enough material.

Pratt at the Party

Last night, Mary-Kate Olsen visited The Late Show to promote her movie, The Wackness, but the conversation turned to - who else - Spencer Pratt.

During a lull in conversation, Letterman began ripping on "young Hollywood" and all the celebrities going to jail, wearing no panties, and so on.

Turns out Mary-Kate attended prestigious Crossroads School in Santa Monica, Calif., with Spencer (other alumni include Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Hudson, Jack Black, Brody Jenner, Whitney Port, Jonah Hill, Cash Warren and many more).

According to Mary-Kate, Spencer is indeed "wormy" and "oily" (Dave's words) and used to storm off the soccer field in hissy fits! See clip below ...


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Spencer Pratt is such a twat. Heidi is just pathetic because she is so incredibly misguided her feet are no longer on the ground. She lives in a fantasy world where she thinks she's all that. A leopard cant change its spots. With all that Spencer's been up to, he's obviously a born compulsive liar and manipulator. He's a spoilt brat. But they both think they're hot stuff. And they're so so so fugly!!! Spencer looks like a creepy ventriloquist doll and Heidi looks more like Prince Charles' Camilla than Camilla's own daughter! Horsey.


she went to Campbell Hall not Crossroads.