Love it or Shove it: Audrina Patridge's Dress

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The Hills star Audrina Patridge worked it in a silver sparkly mini-dress at the United States Launch Party for Kira Plastinina on Saturday.

We're not entirely sure how we feel about said sparkly mini-dress.

Mugler Shot

Sure, Audrina Patridge is an attractive young woman, but we can't help but feel like she's wearing some sort of disco ball here. It's ... interesting.

Tell us what you think of this celebrity fashion choice ...

Audrina Patridge's dress: Love it or shove it?


it looked a lot better in person...the show was dark except for the lit up runway and it looked really cute to have it sparkling just a little in the dark. i liked it! you can see it in this video (audrina is standing in the audience and kira walks by her) -->


I like her divine rights of denim jeans better. she looks good in denim.


Shove it! ugly


I love it, its different and sexy.


Shove it, she looks terrible.


Love it! The more glitter the better I say!!

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