Lisa Van Allen: R. Kelly Henchman Wanted Me Dead

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According to recently unsealed documents, Lisa Van Allen - the woman who said she had sex with R. Kelly and the alleged victim in the case that just exonerated the singer - said one R. Kelly's henchmen threatened to kill her.

As reported by TMZ, Van Allen claimed in pretrial papers that an "employee" of R. Kelly said she should have been knocked off for snitching on the musician.

Lisa Van Allen says she's lucky to be alive.

Van Allen also revealed that she was paid $100,000 for a sex tape with her and another allegedly underage girl by an associate of R. Kelly. We'll have more on this disturbing story as it develops.


He likes sex with children ,that all ! Remember his first one lol he's a perv !!!


He likes sex with children ,that all ! Remember his first on lol he's a perv !!!


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