Judge to Lisa Miceli: Back Off MJ

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Lisa Miceli, the Pennsylvania woman who says Michael Jordan fathered her kid despite two DNA tests to the contrary, has been legally barred from any contact with the NBA legend, his family or any of his representatives.

Judge Gordon Miller granted a permanent injunction against Miceli, 35. She was thrown out of the courtroom after speaking out several times.

Earlier this year, Jordan filed a lawsuit to enforce a 2005 agreement that required Lisa Miceli to stop contacting him after a pair of DNA tests that year proved he was not the father of her four-year-old son.

Lisa Miceli has been barred from any communication with Michael Jordan.

Jordan's lawyers asked for the injunction, saying Miceli has continued to send hundreds of e-mails and make calls to Jordan and his reps.

The judge said Lisa Miceli apparently doesn't understand that the issue is the no-contact agreement that followed the paternity tests.

"It is obvious that she doesn't, or is unwilling to, grasp what this suit is about," Miller said. "This is a contract action and not a paternity action."

Lisa Miceli called the ruling "absolutely outrageous" and says that Michael Jordan has violated the paternity test agreement they reached in 2005.

Miceli said the DNA samples were taken in Michael Jordan's lawyer's office and she doubts the veracity of the paternity tests.

"I was supposed to have a witness of mine present (when the samples were taken), so he breached his own contract," Miceli said.


She sounds loopy, but if what she says is true, and the tests were conducted without a prejudiced witness, then there should be at least one more test done.....on Maury show.
I am quite sure Michael could pay off an attorney to determine the outcome he would like.
Maybe he shouldn't have been such a slut and he wouldn't have women coming out of the woodwork claiming he is baby daddy.


I an currently studying law and have read about some insane people but this woman is by far the craziest. I guess she feels like she came so close to hitting the jackpot. Poor mike

@ wow

The female is obviously psychotic, she should be arrested and fined for harassment.

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