Just Call Him Jan Adams Now

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He's no longer Doctor Jan Adams.

The man whose surgery on Kanye West's mother led to her death last year was arrested for drunk driving yesterday morning - and has now be stripped of his medical license.

But - get this! - it was for a different, irresponsible crime!

The California Department of Consumer Affairs â€" who oversees the Medical Board â€" sent Adams a letter on May 21, informing him that he had 30 days to pay his child support or he would lose his license to practice.

It didn't happen and now Adams is no longer a licensed to practice medicine.

A spokesperson for the California Medical Board said: "As of midnight last night, he is not allowed to practice medicine in California."

Thank goodness.


no one know dr jan adams he is telented smart and a good man he did my sergery it is the best of all i have seen around .donda west didnt died because mr adams she took 20 pills of vicodin dont blam him kanya would sue him he didnt ????????whos is telling the story


john also knows how to have others pay his bills--I did for 10 long years. He also stole from suzie--that doc had johns number alright!


Jan was NOT very friendly when I was his wife's personal assistant. In fact, he was totally jealous of our "relationship", even though I am a gay male. He just didn't get it. I really don't think he ever will. I hear he is living with the widow of Dr. Atkins now. She is supposedly paying his bills. Poor Jan...Loser that he is!


What a waste of intellect. The man obviously is not stupid. He is not well. And that's a shame. He otherwise has alot of talent if his judgement was not impaired by his illness.


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