Jessica Simpson: Jealous of Carrie Underwood!

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It looks like Jessica Simpson's meddling father, Joe Simpson, isn't the only person to blame for her recent relationship woes with Tony Romo.

Although the two are now back together for "on trial basis," a friend told In Touch about Jessica's supposedly raging jealousy issues.

Bad Posture

"Jessica can be so insecure when she is with Tony, and it only gets worse when he is around other women," said the friend.

The pal says any female competition is bound to upset Jessica, but the subject of Tony's ex, Carrie Underwood, really riles her.

"(Jessica) is really upset that (Tony Romo) is still communicating with Carrie," the source told the celebrity news magazine.

Apparently, the Dallas Cowboys quarterback frequently contacts the country star via e-mail and text, even though he knows it bothers Jess.

"She had specifically asked Tony to stop," the insider added.

And "things got worse for Jessica" when Carrie broke up with Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford back in March, according to the friend.

That's when Jessica allegedly began to fear Carrie really could win Tony back:

"Jessica has to tone down how jealous she gets over things like this," the friend adds. "It took a toll on their relationship."


Jessica looks like an ape.. I mean no offense, just stating a fact... Okay maybe I meant it as an offense. Honestly, I was a fan of Jess before.. But I kinda hate her now, I finally realized that she has no talent what's so ever, unless you count ... well, you can't count anything cause she don't have any! Carrie rocks!! "Don't hate me, hate the fact"


Carrie is such a talented sweetheart... What does Tony see in Jessica? She is so dumb, insecure and pathetic. Tony should dump Jessica and make an effort to win Carrie back.


There is a little interview out there right now that Carrie herself did & it does look like she has a few issues with Jess so when you say her & Tony never dated then if you wern't dating someone why would you have those issues. Carrie didn't come off sounding real swell in that interview. Now we hear she snubbed Jessica in Nashville so before you go too gung ho on bashing Jess have a look at the other one on her throne. lol This must boost Tony confidence having two women publically want him!! lol


Give it up already, stop the lies. Carrie does not want to come between Tony and Jessica especially if they are in love. And to the sane people it looks like it's big time. Leave these people alone already. If Tony had wanted Carrie he would have had her. He didn't want her and he didn't make time for her, but he made the time for Jessica. To me that saids a lot. Tony is not going to listen to morons with missing brain cells. The ones that want to trade them around like if they were Barbbi dolls. You cannot help who you love. Carrie also stated that Tony and her never really dated. They are just friends. This is all media hype.


Tony si not a stupid man & if he wanted to make time for Carrie before his season already started he would have just as he made time for Jessica durring his season. Quote from tired of the drama2 Even if Tony made time or was doing the texting and the emailing as the articles say for anything other than friendship Carrie is done with the Tony saga. She keeps saying she has moved on for close to a year now and no one is listening.


What if Tony still looses & Jessica isn't around?? Who gets the blame?? The fans for adding too much pressure. Tony is not superhuman here & everyone has a breaking point don't you think??


Jessica is a jealous and clinging female.
She is not going to keep Tony, she is not right for him.
The Dallas fans are going to absolutely hate her when they start off losing this year. She has his head all filled up with Jessica, Jessica, Jessica.I wish he would dump her for good.


Carrie is stunning. And even more so standing next to Jessica. Jessica must be VERY short because at 5'3'', Carrie is towering over her. Tony lost a good thing.


Tony lost a good girl when he and Carrie decided to keep it friendly. They met at the wrong time with Carrie know her CD was to come out, she had to do the media circuit, and then tour for a year. it didnt make sense to try and have a relationship. Jessica is at that same spot now. Tony and Carrie have always supported each others careers and Jessica needs to quit being so jealous. Carrie has met Jessica one time and this was it the Sony afterparty of the CMA awards last Nov. She talked to her for two mins. and this photo was taken. Personally, I think Carrie is a sweetheart and looks beautiful in the photo and she is very confident about herself and her career. jessica is the last thing on her mind.


Jessica looks like a man in that pic! haha! what a loser!

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