Jessica Simpson Discusses Dad, "God-Given Talent"

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At The Hollywood Gossip, we often bring you the best excerpts we find from the exciting, often less-than-intelligent world of celebrity quotes.

These Jessica Simpson remarks below are certainly worthy of inclusion.

Jessica Simpson Covering Her Baby Bump

Doing the rounds to promote her new country album (trying in vain to compete with Carrie Underwood) Jessica wants to assure all 11 of her fans that the rumors surrounding her controlling father, Joe Simpson, are simply not true:

"There have been stories that are ridiculous. Like my father really fit me for a training bra. Like, who believes that kind of thing!?"

Personally, we never heard that one, but it would not surprise us in the least. Joe Simpson does have a reputation for being hands-on, right?


Anyway, Jessica later had another choice line regarding her new CD: "I really just wanted to showcase the talent that God has given me. I don't believe that, in pop music, I ever had the chance to stand on two feet and stand firm."

Umm, riiiight... Sorry, Jess, but the "God-given talent" reasoning only works in regards to your lingerie line, not your alleged singing or acting.

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I have to say that although i love Jess, her dad does make me sick the way he gets on, hes too involved with jessicas life, although hes not like that with Ashley maybe cause she tells him off shes more of a rebel..


the reason why it is doing fine is because everyone was interested to see what it was like and now they have and it started out high on the billboards. If that was the debut single, the rest of the CD might get 3 stars.


I dont think she is a really bad singer.. I mean I sing really bad.. I think she is ok....mmmmm.. about acting.. mmm.. no comments


You guys can say her new music is failing all you want and people will probably believe you but its not true. Her new single is doing just fine.


Jessica's talent is looking good from the neck down and waist up. Forget the face and legs. Nothing there. Pretty much nothing else going on in any other area with her either. A has been.