Jamie Lynn Spears Welcomes Baby Maddie Briann!

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There is a new celebrity baby in the Spears clan! Jamie Lynn Spears and fiance Casey Aldridge welcomed a baby girl this morning: Maddie Briann!

"Just the family was there," says a source at the hospital in Mississippi where Jamie Lynn gave birth. "Everyone is healthy and happy."

Maddie Briann Aldridge was born around 9:30 this morning.

The big news follows reports that Jamie Lynn was hospitalized with complications and would be giving birth today. Glad she did - and everyone's healthy!

Jamie Lynn's big sister, Britney Spears, papa Jamie Spears and big brother Bryan Spears all flew in Wednesday to be with her for the birth.

Her mother, Lynne Spears, had been with her all along helping her get ready to sell the celebrity baby photos to OK! Magazine have the baby.

Britney Spears was on hand as Jamie Lynn Spears welcomed Maddie Briann into the world, as was her fiance / baby daddy, Casey Aldridge.

Since announcing her pregnancy in December, Jamie Lynn has been laying low in the comforts of her hometown of Kentwood, La. She and Casey Aldridge, who got engaged this spring, bought a house in nearby Liberty, Miss.

Over the last few months,
Jamie Lynn Spears has kept busy by passing her GED exam, preparing the nursery and attending multiple baby showers.

Jamie Lynn's former co-star on Zoey 101, Erin Sanders, said earlier this year that the young actress will be a terrific and fun mother.

"She is just a very good-hearted and warm person," he said.

"We would always hang out on the set and she is a lot of fun, so I think she's going to be an easygoing, fun mom."

Congratulations to Jamie Lynn Spears, Casey Aldridge and the rest of the Spears clan on the arrival of beautiful Maddie Briann!


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