OMG! Jamie Lynn Posts Maddie Briann Pic on MySpace

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Teens these days and their damn technology.

Apparently Jamie Lynn Spears actually posted on her MySpace account with her iPhone FROM the frickin' hospital where she gave birth Thursday.

Jodie Sweetin, Zoie Herpin

Included? A photo of baby Maddie Briann!

How pissed will Lynne Spears be that she can't make millions from selling the rights to the first pic to OK! Magazine? At least she has her dumb ass memoir.

Anyway, celebrity gossip readers, here's the Maddie Briann picture and the MySpace message announcing the birth from Jamie Lynn Spears herself ...

Maddie Briann: Jamie Lynn Spears' baby of two days!

Date: Jun 20, 2008 8:28 PM
Subject: hey guys its Jamie... im on my iPhone
Body: lol thank you all guys for the comments and messages... i love you all guys some of u are surprised about the name... but casey didnt actually like the other names. Maddie Briann OMG now i really understand my mom lol... sometimes she was overprotective but now i understand why. now Maddie is sleeping like an angel and im still in hospital... i had a natural birth and yeah thank u guys for the pic comment... it really means alot to me!!!

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hmm. i believe her name is casey. not maddie.?


Hey jamie congrats i think its great u hv a baby at least u can say u hav tried im pregant at the moment so if u cud give sum ideas on wat its like n been on youtube n saw ur sister give u tips DONT leave ur baby on its own in the car with the window a little open dahh sunlight mayb gd 4 ts skin but it wil get sunlight bye walking in and out of the store so ur sis not too gd on the advise i no she has kids i havnt but i will anyway u baby is gorge n congrats 2 both of u u hv a buetiiful baby girl n i love her name congrats to the pair of u and CARRY ON WITH ZOEY 101 PLZZ U HV LOADZ OF FANS N IM 1 OF EM mi lil sister love it n her names maddy lol xxx


to all of u guys who believe this bullcrap
GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jamie your baby is such a cutty!!!!!!!!! congrats!!!!!!!!


omg your baby is cute!! and jamie u look gorgeous!!i love ur hair


OMG She is so cute




well, having a c-section is sometimes part of a normal birth.


First of all, I high doubt that Jamie Lynn would be sitting on the internet posting comments. I know nothing about her, honestly, but I can only imagine. She's a celebrity, she just had a baby. She has no time. All of you are tweens and that's why you believe this crap. Another thing I noticed, the person claiming to be Jamie Lynn can't even spell, and i'm sure the real Jamie Lynn atleast knows how to do that. This is all fake, 100% guaranteed. Get a life, kids.


omg girl ur baby is so cute..she looks like a little princess.. but why ppl b hating on u jamie