Insane Fans Happy For Clay Aiken, Jaymes Foster

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Fans of singer Clay Aiken, also known as "Claymates" are showing support after a representative for producer David Foster confirmed that Aiken is fathering a child. David's sister, music producer Jaymes Foster, is the mother.

"OMG Clay Aiken is my Hero," writes one fan on a Clay site.

"I love him and wish him the best of luck!"

Adds another on the same site:

"Now today I almost choked on my sandwich, Clay is going to be a father? And in three months? It blew me over. All I can say is 'Congratulations!' That is going to be one handsome and talented baby."

Still, some have expressed doubts about Clay Aiken's impending fatherhood.

"How can he have time with his baby if he's always on a busy schedule. Like tours, CD releases, talk show[s]. Life becomes crazy with a baby."

"I don't know what to say... I am shocked and awed," another wrote." I don't know what to think. It is going to take me a while, but I do feel a little different about it."

Still, the majority of comments on fan sites and blogs were positive.

One person in the Claymates Yahoo group gushed, "I think the child would be so lucky to have them as parents. ... This is their business and we should not be judging Clay Aiken or Jaymes Foster."

The page dedicated to Aiken on popular music widget iLike had also had supportive comments. Writes one fan:

"Wow ... I am kind of shocked. But Clay always wanted to be a father so good for him! It was just sudden news, I am still shocked ... I wonder if his kid will inherit his pipes!"

Adds another:

"Here's a toast to Clay and Jaymes for the healthy arrival of their baby in August. This baby will be loved, however it came to be. "Lover All Alone" is a great collaboration with David Foster ... and this will be a great collaboration with his sister Jaymes. Congrats!"


This silence is a risk and costly. Clay must be secure enough to think he can afford a loss in fandom, since this silence is almost a statement in itself to tell everyone to shut up and shove off. I am frankly dumbfounded, heartbroken and heartsick over unconfirmed rumor.


Unfortunately when the truth comes out Clay will by then have lost not only the fans who disapprove (if the daddy story is true), but also the ones who would otherwise be happy for him, but are pissed that he's ignored them. And he's never "damned if he does". The fans ALWAYS love to hear from him, even if it's just a few words. And love unconditionally? No such thing.


Fortunately, I never said I loved Clay Aiken unconditionally. As for how Clay feels, too bad. Since this behavior does not match the persona he projected, he owes many in his fan base especially the ones waiting to hear from him, an explanation. If Clay had kept his mouth shut about the role model crap, if he had not been so quick to condemn the behavior of other celebrities with his 'rotting insides' comments it wouldn't seem as hypocritical to me nor would I have expected more from him. I believe the story is true but for the many fans who are waiting to hear it from him, he needs to own up to it and as someone said 'let the chips fall where they may'. I interpret his silence as arrogant and cowardly.


They reap what they sow.


Oh, hell! I say give the poor man a break! I don't blame him for not blogging right now. I mean it's damned if he does and damned if he doesn't. Clay deserves his R&R and he probably needs a break from his fans. I love Clay unconditionally and it's sad that a lot of fans who have claimed that, don't really know what unconditionally is. If they know what it means I guess they weren't serious when they said they loved him unconditionally or they wouldn't have dumped him no matter if the story is true or not. I'm disappointed in the fans who have dumped Clay over this. Imagine how Clay must feel.


I wonder if he's aware or care of some the possible turmoil effects not just to him, but to Jaymes. There could be more falling out.


I am quickly becoming an ex-fan after being a hard core Claymate for over 5 years. Clay has stopped blogging on his fanclub website, even though that's a big reason people pay to join. He no longer seems really thankful for or intersted in his fans. He should address rumors when they surface, even if he doesn't really want to. He is a celebrity and he gets lots of perks, so he should buck up and accept the downside. He should be who he is, do want he wants, and say so and let the chips fall where they may. His true fans won't care.


I believe NOTHING until he speaks.


That's fine. Clay doesn't need fair weathered fans anyway. He's a good person. And moral person. Someone who is out there helping people. He is making a difference in people's lives. More then most people. I hope one of your good friends, doesn't ever do anything you find unforgivable. Despite. .the 1000's of wonderful things they have done. It wiould be very difficult to keep up to your standards. If you are so for Clay having to follow your rules, in how he conducts his life.. I certainly hope you walk the walk. Cause I know Clay does.


"If it is true, it won't be the first time a human has not waited for God's answer." I definitely believe Clay didn't wait to hear an answer or he didn't like the answer he heard. As I said, I also hope they find a way to do what is best for the child...which is to marry. I don't think this child deserves a lifetime of jokes being made about him. I am very public in my disappointment because I have championed the person I thought was Clay to friends and family for a long time. I feel like a fool now and yes, I think I was over invested. The one lesson I take from this is I will never again invest myself in the success of anyone and especially someone like the person I believed Clay Aiken to be, again.

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