Insane Fans Happy For Clay Aiken, Jaymes Foster

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Fans of singer Clay Aiken, also known as "Claymates" are showing support after a representative for producer David Foster confirmed that Aiken is fathering a child. David's sister, music producer Jaymes Foster, is the mother.

"OMG Clay Aiken is my Hero," writes one fan on a Clay site.

"I love him and wish him the best of luck!"

Adds another on the same site:

"Now today I almost choked on my sandwich, Clay is going to be a father? And in three months? It blew me over. All I can say is 'Congratulations!' That is going to be one handsome and talented baby."

Still, some have expressed doubts about Clay Aiken's impending fatherhood.

"How can he have time with his baby if he's always on a busy schedule. Like tours, CD releases, talk show[s]. Life becomes crazy with a baby."

"I don't know what to say... I am shocked and awed," another wrote." I don't know what to think. It is going to take me a while, but I do feel a little different about it."

Still, the majority of comments on fan sites and blogs were positive.

One person in the Claymates Yahoo group gushed, "I think the child would be so lucky to have them as parents. ... This is their business and we should not be judging Clay Aiken or Jaymes Foster."

The page dedicated to Aiken on popular music widget iLike had also had supportive comments. Writes one fan:

"Wow ... I am kind of shocked. But Clay always wanted to be a father so good for him! It was just sudden news, I am still shocked ... I wonder if his kid will inherit his pipes!"

Adds another:

"Here's a toast to Clay and Jaymes for the healthy arrival of their baby in August. This baby will be loved, however it came to be. "Lover All Alone" is a great collaboration with David Foster ... and this will be a great collaboration with his sister Jaymes. Congrats!"


If it is not true then Clay should just say so, rather than putting his fans through this. Unlike his sexual orientation, this is not something he can keep private indefinitely.


There is still no hard evidence that this rumour is true. TMZ ought to be shot for what they did.


I am a long time, faithful fan of Clay.But, unfortunately, I, too, view his continued silence as arrogant and cowardly. I am seriously disappointed in this man. Note to Clay: if in fact you are to assume the new role of Dad,you need to grow up- your baby will NOT be impressed with your idol status nor how long you can hold those "glory notes". It's reality check time,Clayton,and,in my opinion, it's long over due.


Katican: Go crawl back under your rock. You a real mental case.


Maybe someone should see that Aiken reads this blog. At least he will know why his career is over. He sure can't get any idea from his fan club site. That board is heavily moderated and censored.


If he can take time to have his hair style and color changed every other day he can take time to blog. He can blog while having his hair done.
Some fans make excuses for him. I can see why the word "worship" has been used about Claymates.
I was a fan. I am no longer one.
Clay can't and shouldn't change what he has done if it is true but he could at least have shown the fans some appreciation and respect.
He comes across as cowardly.


That's really pathetic begging him to blog. After the way many fans at his own official fan club message board left nasty and sometimes threatening posts about Jaymes and himself I hope he never blogs again from there and I also think he's 'outa' here'.blog and thank them? Gimme a break.
He'll fullfil any obligations he has left then I doubt we'll see him professionally for a long time if ever.
As far as busting their wallets, from where I stand they only paid for what THEY wanted and enjoyed. No arm twisting here.


Clay Aiken can't even live by himself because he is so afraid of everything. How can he protect his child?
It is his life but fans have the right to not like it and say so. Clay is losing many fans over this. Ethel is an over the top fan who Clay encourages because she is black and he has to prove something by being tolerant of behavior from her that he has publicly lash other fans for doing. His friend Kristy had a baby too. Now I am wonderig is it Clay's baby? Clay Aiken seems easily taken in by women.
Jaymes was obviously another Claymate since the beginning.
She fooled him just like some others who he allowed into his personal life did. Now another human being is involved. If it is true.
Aiken needs some serious counseling before making any more huge decisions. He has killed his career before this latest castastrophe. This is just the one that will cause many fans to leave at once. Clay Aiken is not who he has said he is.
He is a hypocrite.


I'm sorry. It takes 5 minutes to type a few words. I don't care if he is "taking a break" or "needs privacy". And yeah he doesn't owe his fans anything, even though they busted their butts and their wallets to get him where he is. Yeah, even though they are upset and begging him to blog. Those "unconditional" fans who are making excuses for him sound like abused women with no self esteem.


Maybe Clay's silence is a way of giving himself and those close to him, some privacy and space that he/they may need at the moment. He doesn't owe anyone anything in regards to his personal business. Does this guy ever get cut any slack? sheesh

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