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Most of Clay's fans are realizing that he is most likely gay. The marjority don't mind that he is gay. The do mind that he has denied it for so long.


Am struggling to understand this, if true.

This will definitely not be the traditional, conventional 'family'.

2 single parents, 2 different coasts. 20 yrs apart. Where's the nest?

By the time this kid gets out of college, mom will be in her 70's, retired, & possibly en route to a nice expensive retirement home....Dad may still be touring & making cd's if he has any career left after this dust settles...Uncle David would be hitting 80, isn't he? Is Faye desiring a grandchild this badly -- could she be open to any means to get one because it does not appear Brett is working on one right away?

Oh sure, this kid would be given the best of life's offerings. The parents are as rich & powerful as they come.

But people do observe the facts & talk.

My head is spinning...


"Is it possible SHE also asked him to stay quiet for the both of them?"

Good question. Then again, is it possible they were stupid enough to think they could, barring a little freckled face redhead toddling about, hide Clay's part in it forever? Since the cat is out of the bag so to speak, I doubt we will ever know the answer.

I have a friend who spent her 2 cents worth on the hypothesizes that this was Jaymes Foster's idea, that she talked Clay into it by playing on his sympathy and knowing full well it would not sit well with many of his fans, told him they needed to keep it quiet until after the baby was born. This friend also thinks it is possible that it was Jaymes Foster who dropped the bombshell out of jealousy after the video of Hannah Waddingham pinching Clay's behind surfaced. LOL! A little joviality midst the quagmire...that's all folks.


There are thousands upon thousands of orphans in this world. If he wanted one so badly....why not just adopt?

Is it possible SHE also asked him to stay quiet for the both of them?


"Has there ever been any doubt that Clay's detractors would be here to point out his imaginary flaws?"

Clay Aiken fathering a child outside the bounds of marriage with a woman old enough to be his mother is an imaginary flaw???

Not only did the decision to do this expose a glaring and very real character flaw, if you ask me, it was the decision of someone who has lost or abandoned his moral compass.

This was not the act of a couple of teenagers in the throws of passion so as far as I am concerned another person who has some explaining to do is Jaymes Foster. Was she so blindly infatuated and obssessed with Clay that she didn't realize or worse, didn't care about the negative impact this would have both in the media and with his fans?


His new cd is all but a long lost memory.


Has there ever been any doubt that Clay's detractors would be here to point out his imaginary flaws? Since when did Clay and his career become all about the fans? Wait! Clay can't do anything without consulting his fans and detractors to get their ok first! As said before, both fans and especially his detractors are way too invested in his personal life. They want to run his career, tell him what he can say, determine who he can have relationships with, what he can do and when. He has thousands of people, all with different expectations and he has to live up to them all? Isn't there anyone left who thinks Clay should be allowed to life his own life without interferance from others?

Clay clearly said he would be on vacation and he deserves a break--from all this madness if nothing else. Get over yourselves.


How can Clay respect women who show passion for a cause just because HE draws attention to it? The way the Claymates have waited to donate to UNICEF until Clay's blog is up is truly twisted. He'll take your money, but it doesn't mean that he likes you.


You're right. You should love your children unconditionally. But there is a big huge leap between one's children and Clay!


Mary, Clay is damned if he does, no matter what he blogs there are some fans who aren't happy and pick apart what he wrote or bitch about it someway. If you don't think so, track back to some of Clay's blogs and then check out the thread where it's being discussed.

As for unconditional love, Mary, I hope you have no children because it would be sad that they aren't loved unconditionally. I learned unconditional love from Jesus. I learned unconditional love from my parents and when I had my two children. There is nothing they (parents, children, and Clay) could ever do that would make me stop loving them. They could murder someone and although I would turn them in, if they didn't turn themselves in, I would never stop loving them.

I don't make excuses for Clay. Even I need a break from the fans at times and I know I'm not alone. I have an ex-husband who tried to abuse me but I have too much self esteem to put up with that crap. That's why he's my ex-husband.

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