Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt Want Live MTV Wedding

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Are you the slightest bit surprised by this headline?

You shouldn't be. The Hills' gruesome twosome has reportedly been talking to the network that made them famous about their upcoming nuptials.

Heidi Bends Over

As in a live telecast of their upcoming nuptials.

Heidi Montag reportedly told MTV programming and development honcho Tony DiSanto that they're ready to tie the knot in front of the cameras.

Surprise, surprise: DiSanto is said to be all for it!

Would you watch Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt's wedding? You can admit it.

According to Spencer Pratt, their dream is a small wedding on Sir Richard Branson's private island in the Virgin Islands, with catering by Wolfgang Puck, designer watches for all guests and a live performance by U2.

Even master manipulators like Spencer and Heidi may be aiming too high with those requests, but we're sure MTV can figure out something.

Our personal suggestion is for Brody Jenner and Frankie Delgado to become ordained ministers online, then officiate the ceremony.

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NO I WOULD NOT WATCH THESE TWO WASTE-OF-SPACE, UNDESERVING, SELFISH IDIOTS GET MARRIED ON TV!!! There is absolutely NO talent inherent in either of them, she's stupid to stay with him and he's just plain stupid. Why are there people out there who still support anything that has to do with either of them? F__K Heidi and Spencer!


I think Spencer & Heidi are the cutest couple - they should hold their heads up above the rest of the pack and make all the money they can while they can - - like the others aren't publicity hounds??!! LC and Audrina, etc - - they will fade away soon - - not much talent there
But Spencer & Heidi as a married team could go a long way into other ventures


omg thats all they want is for more attention and publicity. they would never just elope because they want it to be a HUGE deal and for everyone to go awww they finally got married! if they do put their wedding on tv i would prolly watch it just to have a great laugh!


oh hell nooooo!!People should boycott the show cuz who cares!!!!!


TRUE fact from a man. This chick is horrible looking. She looks like someone plastered botox all over her face. Yikes!!
P.S. Singing is not your thing.


Is this questions foreal? Please stop talking about these people. Why are they even a consideration in hollywood?


Why is the media still talking about these people? She's an idiot who can't live without this evil, chipmunk looking guy who continues to make evil comments about Lauren Conrad and other people. Double that motion from Kayla.. "make them go away." We don't need to look at them in magazines or the media.


the gruesome twosome indeed!! YUCK!


OMFG!! Let the TOOL and the TOOL HAG elope. Quietly. Alone. Without publicity. These MEDIA WHORES need a reallity check without reality TV.


Yuck! Who are these freaks?! No one gives a ---- about these two!!! Like lying Blohan, MAKE THEM GO AWAY!!!