Happy Birthday, Raffaello Follieri

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We honor our favorite stars' birthdays all the time at The Hollywood Gossip - but this is the first time we can remember where the celebrity has been in jail.

Following his hospitalization (accounts of why that happened vary and range from an anxiety attack to a sinus infection to being a spineless b!tch) Raffaello Follieri dined alone as he turned 30 in a dreary New York cell. Life's tough.

Raffaello Follieri Photograph

Raffaello Follieri can kiss the good ol' days goodbye!

The New York real estate developer â€" accused of bilking investors out of $6 million and being held on $21 million bail on charges of conspiracy, fraud and more â€" had planned to jet to his native Italy for a lavish birthday bash.

But instead of caviar and Dom Perignon on the island of Capri, he settled for jail house slop at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan.

Anyway, here's a photo tribute to Raffaello Follieri, who was dumped by Anne Hathaway right before his arrest (but after two recent others) ...

Who's next? When does your favorite star celebrate another year of not kicking any sort of bucket? Check out our celebrity birthdays calendar and find out!


Damn, Hathaway split so fast I can still see the tire marks. Poor guy, he thought Anne Hathaway loved him. She showed her true colors. She is a coward and disloyal.


He always seemed so cold and aloof. One picture even showed him pushing Anne off a boat, and looking away when she kissed him. NEXT!!!


That's really sad, he and Ann look so cutie and she seems so in love with him and he with her. Why don't they arrest the people who murder other people or child abusers. LEAVE THE HOT SEXY ITALYLIAN GUYS ALONE!!! :)


The hospital, jail...what a way to turn 30!

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Raffaello Follieri Biography

Raffaello Follieri Photograph
Raffaello Follieri was the boyfriend of Anne Hathaway until June 2008, when the beautiful actress dumped his shady ass. It was a long... More »
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