Friends Support Clay Aiken, Jaymes Foster

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We've already heard from his fans. Now Clay Aiken's friends are sending support and best wishes after hearing that he's going to be a father with friend and music producer Jaymes Foster.

Foster has been artificially inseminated with Clay's boys.

"Congratulations, Clay!" says American Idol alum Jennifer Hudson. "I think he will be a good parent."

Actor Eric Roberts and wife Eliza says their close friend Foster - the sister of music producer David Foster - pulled them aside at her 50th birthday party in Los Angeles in March to tell them she is pregnant.

Albeit unconventionally, Clay Aiken got Jaymes Foster pregnant!

"This is a story of two people, who perhaps not that typical as parents - whatever typical is - or at a stage of life typical for parent, want to have a child to love and to experience parenthood," Roberts says.

"These people have the best foundation of all to share such an important task, which is a strong, abiding friendship."

Jaymes Foster, who has been friends with Aiken since they worked together on American Idol, is due in August, a rep for David Foster confirms.

Eliza Roberts stresses: "People should understand: It's not like he's the donor and she's the surrogate. These are two people who have made a very loving decision to have a baby together."

Former American Idol contestant Carmen Rasmusen, who toured with Clay Aiken after the second season, lent her support, saying, "I've always thought Clay would make a great dad. He's great with kids... He's accomplished a lot in his career, so it's probably a good time for him to be a dad."

On the tour bus, Clay Aiken would talk about wanting to become a father.

"I remember him saying, 'I can't wait to be a dad and have a family and have my own kids,'" recalls Carmen.

"He really was looking forward to being a father, even five years ago. I thought it was so cute that that was a priority for him."


Dominique, Eric Roberts is an actor...hes just kinda old.
And He could know Jaymes. But who knows..maybe Jaymes got Eric to call around, and pretend that she was pregnant. How come they didnt show any pictures of her birthday. David Foster is famous, and people would of known about it.
But we may have to wait


Clay is NOT married, and hes NOT having that baby and I know hes not! Eric NOT an actor. I've at least
never seen him in anything. And i already know this is not true. Believe what you want. They say Clay's the father. And they are having another baby? Then they say Clay is married. How crazy is the media these days. Gosh. If you need real proof email and trust me i do know everything about clay


To Katy, Keep in mind, "Judge not, lest you be judged"?


another fan leaves to.


katy=crap=sally.....same person. These people are not members on the fan boards or they would have posted these messages there. IF they left, why keep getting google reports on Clay? Don't get worked up by these silly people, it's the reaction they are looking for.


I have just read the above and it appears that some people are in need of a life of their own. Clay is a fantastic entertainer and the best American Idol contestant ever (along with Kimberley Locke). His chosing to become a father, by "regular" or "irregular" means, I believe, is the business of the mother and himself. I've been a fan since AI and have never understood the relentless fascination with his sex life. Get a life of your own - whether it be sex life or other.


For the fans that are leaving because of this latest episode (not a scandal) They were far too invested in the first place and its their own fault for that, not Clay's. Shame on him indeed! He doesn't need fickle fans like you anyway. Probably all the claymate spamming and ridiculous defense of him has made him a laughingstock more than anything he's actually done. You guys should get a grip.


Greatnu, fans of the Beatles, Elvis, The Rolling Stones, the Eagles, Usher, Madonna, Lil Wayne, etc., have to pay to be entertained by them. Groupies that mainly wanted to get laid by one or all members of the band usually had to pay for their concert tickets also like everyone else. Greatnu, I'm kind of lost about what you think Clay Aiken fans expect from him. Are the women and some men hot and bothered by him? Guess what? Women and men felt the same way about Elvis, the Beatles, et al.


I can tell you I used to be a fan and was losing interest because of the CONSTANT drama on the boards and with Clay - this last go around is just alittle weird for me and I'm outta there. I'm not a stalker and don't post - this is just me being done with this whole chaotic fandom! Call me what you want. Usually do when you don't agree with the fans - the ones left that is.


Why would anybody have hateful feellings against
Clay Aiken if he wants to become a father, he's not going to be the father of your children. When are you people out there going to realize you pay to have Clay entertain you, that's it, that is all you are getting from Clay. Clay has another life and you are not a part of it, get mad whatever, Clay need someone to love him as a father. Mr Aiken you are doing the right thing, as for marriage or whatever, that is God's business and yours. Your true fans are still with you, and your children will be with you when you grow (old) where will those who are critical of you be? Still complaining, old and still narrow minded, or gone on to be with that old bad man. You go boy!

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