Fashion Face-Off: Paris Hilton vs. Kim Kardashian

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They used to be best friends.

Now, they're dueling sex tape stars and fashion foes.

A Baby for Kim!

Indeed, Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian are rarely seen together anymore. The former is even set to star in a reality show meant to help her find a new best friend.

Let's not wallow in this ruined relationship, though. Let's square these socialites off in a celebrity fashion face-off instead!

Who wears the following dress better?

Choose between Paris and Kim. Then, let us know whether Paris Hilton also looks better than Kim's mom, Kris Kardashian, in a separate face-off.

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i'll go for paris!


i think i like the dress better on kim but she should of left her heel on .


Kim because she doesn't have bony legs!


kim kardashian is looking sexy , beautiful, charming , gorgeous , nice, better than paris hilton i have no words to tell abut kim kardashian I LOVE HIM VERY MUCH . I WISH TO MEET HIM .


Kim is sooooo beautiful. Paris is famous for doing nothing...Kim may be too but atleast she tries to do something with her life like run a store instead of Paris who has everyone else do her work for her. Kim is one classy girl and she is gorgeous. Paris has NOTHING on her.


I think Kim Kardashian looks a hell of a lot
better than Paris Hilton does well that's because Kim has the body for any kind of outfit she wears unlike scanky Paris. Kim you go girl you're ten times classier than Paris will ever be.


Paris looks better even though I think both of them are skanks.


Hey the flip flops were only temp., she just got a pedicure as you can tell by the typical disposable flip flops and heels in hand. I do have to say I think paris pulled it off better because it made her skinny frame look fuller and more appealing and it just made kim look a little wide. Plus Paris' head band/flower gave the dress an extra umph. I am in no way a fan of Paris Hilton but I must admit she looks really nice and put together here. Kim is one of my style icons but I've seen sooo much better from her.


i dont like either of these p0rnstars but i have to go with parisite over is the original useless rich b!tch


I would have to say Paris looks better. I'm all for the dress & flip-flops look, but NOT that dress. It's too dressy for flops(esp with all of Kim's makeup), and the green flip flops don't even match. Black would have been a better choice.