Face Off: Which Disney Star is the Next Miley Cyrus?

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Miley Cyrus has catapulted to superstardom - and has already being embroiled in scandal. In Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato, Disney has fresh faces waiting in the wings. These two youngsters are the subject of today's Face-Off ...


DEMI LOVATO by mischalova

Why is Demi Lovato most likely to follow in the successful footsteps of Miley Cyrus? The answer can be summed up in three words: The Jonas Brothers.

Lovato starred alongside that trio of dreamy hunks in the highly-rated Disney Channel movie, Camp Rock. A sequel is already in the works.

Cyrus has her own connection to The Jonas Brothers: a rumored fling with Nick Jonas. But - wait! - the incredible similarities between Demi and Miley don't stop there.

Each is 15 years old; each is represented by Hollywood Records; each has a parent that was a country recording artist.

But what truly makes Demi Lovato an essential Miley Cyrus clone, an artist destined to be the next teen sensation?

Her virginity.

Demi Lovato wears a purity ring around her neck, vowing never to let a man enter her sacred garden until marriage. Cyrus, similarly, attends church on a regular basis with her family and once told USA Today that faith is "the main thing."

Two talented, young stars. Each grounded in family.

Each with her legs closed and her head held high. Each on a road to super stardom about which Selena Gomez can only dream.

SELENA GOMEZ by Free Britney

Demi Lovato? Demi frickin' Lovato? Are you kidding me?

While she may be Selena's BFF in real life, Demi simply can't hold a candle to Gomez's combination of charisma, charm, maturity and experience.

On July 22, Selena Gomez will be 16. Demi Lovato will be only be 15 (until August 10). In this ADD Generation, those 19 days are critical.

A working actress since 2002, when she debuted on Barney & Friends, Selena currently stars on the hit series Wizards of Waverly Place.

Lovato? Yeah, Camp Rock was good and all, but that was a Jonas Brothers vehicle. Demi has yet to carry her own show, or her own movie for that matter - Gomez will also be starring in Another Cinderella Story this year, BT-Dubs.

But what makes Selena Gomez a bona fide star-in-the-making is not her infectious personality, her once-in-a-generation talent, or the "Funky Cold Selena" nickname potential. It is her genuineness, which literally fosters maturity beyond her years.

How virtuous is young, sweet Selena? She wears a "purity ring" on her left ring finger that says "True Love Waits." Stardom, however, won't wait long.

Which cutie is more likely to match Miley Cyrus' fame: Demi Lovato (left) or Selena Gomez? The battle for Disney Channel stardom is so on.


hey haters u gyus think ya better than myley hell oh no and selena anddemi u gyus are jst stupid ya think ya can compete with myley ya jst dumb the only person i think its myley i loved her so so so so much bye haters and kiss myley ass i love her


hey i think selena is jst a little biatch and demi is jst playing games with her stupid voice and the only one that i think is better ist my gurl miley i love her so much i wich i would her little sister and selena and demi they jst some haters and i hatedemi and selena the only person that i like is myley and nick i think u cute bye harters''''''''''''';''''


I'm a huqe fan Of Selena qomez ! She's a qreat actress ; much better than Miley Cyrus . But when it Comee's too Sinqinq Demi Lovato is thee best ; much better than Miley Cyrus . So I really don't knoe who would follow in Miley's footsteps even thouqh there both way better than her !


I'm a huqe fan Of Selena qomez ! She's a qreat actress ; much better than Miley Cyrus . But when it Comee's too Sinqinq Demi Lovato is thee best ; much better than Miley Cyrus . So I really don't know who would follow in Miley's footsteps even thouqh there both way better than her .


Okay, for starters, Miley Cyrus can't sing and isn't very talented. Sure, she can hit notes but it's a very young, immature, and annoying sound. Demi Lovato can't sing either. Period. She yells and makes it sound like she can carry some sort of tune. Selena just has an awful tone and if you think of it, most of her songs contain between 5-8 notes. Not a very big range! Obviously, not a great singer. Miley Cyrus is only famous because of her dad. If it weren't for him, she wouldn't even be Hannah Montana. Someone else was cast in that role and then Billy Ray begged for the produces to cast his daughter instead at the last minute. The fact of the matter is Disney stars generally don't go anywhere career wise so even if Demi or Selena become the next Miley, they'll slowly disappear by the time they're 20 if they're lucky.


mily is shit selena is great like demi wooooooooooooooooooooo


if it is not miley cyrus won't it be more magic and extraordinary, then whether to replace her/it for the photos that you/he/she has done? be would not have sense because is me that miley there are aware that to vanessa hudghens (Naked photo, true scandal) you have not done anything. therefore it is an injustice, however if really you want to replace her/it for me you should make some audition because a lot of children like me bione very similar to hannah, and also very good to sing they cannot wait to have an opportunity. instead other celebrities have already made true their dream.NOW TOUCHES TO US!!!!!!!!!!!!


i think its selena becuase she acted much better then demi in princess protection program and selena is aweosome in wizards of waverly place! and selena is better than miley! mileys faviorate colour is lime-green!!! i hate that colour! but selena's faviorate colour is purple just like me!according to me selena sings better go to you tube and you'll say the same thing! i wish demi comes last! and i wish selena comes first!


I think nobody will be the next Miley Cyrus because everybody on Disney channel are so not like Miley Cyrus or destiny hope. She is a mad role model and nobody will like her in the future just saying sorry Hannah Montana i used to be your biggest fan now I M not your biggest fan not even your fan


i think both will be as big as miley but just not slutty like her and making bad choices. and how the hell did miranda cosgrove get in2 this? i mean i like her but not her show but miranda, demi, and selena r good role models and dont take slutty pix of themselves like miley. end. of. story

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