Face-Off: Is Honor the Worst Celebrity Baby Name Yet?

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Jessica Alba and Cash Warren welcomed a baby girl this week - and made headlines with an unusual choice of names. But how does Honor stack up with some of the other names given to celebrity babies? That's the subject of today's Face-Off ...


YES by mischalova

Here's the main reason why "Honor" makes even "Apple" sound delicious:

Because boys are mean.

We can foresee conversations going on in the middle school halls right now: Did you get honor? Oh, I got honor, alright!

Just because Cash Warren was born with a ridiculous name (no offense, dude, it's given us a never-ending stream of puns to use; one might even say the name was money!) doesn't mean he needs to doom his daughter to the same fate.

The truth is, Warren and Jessica Alba are already a different breed of celebrity. They got married in a quiet ceremony, they rarely attend Hyde. There was no need to distinguish themselves from the Hollywood pack with such a unique name.

By the way, when it comes to Alba, we really wanna get on her.

See what we mean, guys? It's just too easy.

NO by Free Britney

Sometimes I wonder who comes up with these Face-Offs. The worst ever? While unconventional, this name may be one of the best.

Honor is defined as "an evidence or symbol of distinction." What better things can a baby stand for in these troubled times? If only all parents had such high expectations for their offspring as Jessica Alba and Cash Warren.

Honor is a rare and fine trait, and thus, a wonderful name - one representing all that is right with America. Heck, if Jessica has two more daughters named Freedom and Liberty, John McCain might give her a Cabinet post.

Behold are just a few of the many celebrity babies with names FAR worse than Jessica and Cash's noble selection. With names like these, it's a safe bet that any of the scarred-for-life tykes below would be honored (clank) to trade...

  • Apple Martin (Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin)
  • Banjo Taylor (Rachel Griffiths & Patrick Taylor)
  • Tu Morrow (Rob Morrow)
  • Kal-El Cage (Nicolas Cage)
  • Isaiah Washington Jr. (Isaiah Washington)
  • Prince Michael Jackson I & II, a.k.a. Blanket (Michael Jackson)
  • Pilot Inspektor Lee (Jason Lee)

What do you think: Did Jessica Alba and Cash Warren choose an Honor-able name - or is their daughter going to be hating them for life over this?


My name is Tatum and I've received many compliments. I think the name Judith is God awful and I'm pretty sure that the reason Tatum O'Neal had such a poor life was due to a drug problem, not her name, dumb ass.


I like the name Honor


My name is Honor. It is a wonderful name. Yes, as a child it was not a pretty name like Ashley or Jessica, or SO-IN-SO... but I like having a name that is not common. I will never be like any Tom Dick or Harry, or every Jenna, Jennifer, or Allison; and that's a wonderful thing.
People in general are very taken by my name, and tell me so on a daily basis. It has brought me a lot of pride. It is also a real name that other people in history have had, unlike Apple or Banjo. SO, from one Honor to another: you're going to be fine, kiddo.


i like honor because it has meaning for her parents... both of my children got there names... (and the are very uncommon too...) because of the meaning behide them for my husband and i. andd my name is very uncommon as well... if the meaning is there then the spelling or how it sounds name shouldn't really matter.


I think the name Honor is VERY VERY CUTE!!
It is odd but i like it.. It is better than Apple thats for sure...lol..Just keep saying the name to yourself a few times && you will like it..Thats what I had to do..She could have picked a different way to spell it..But there is not many ways to spell it differently..I LIKE THE NAME HONOR!!


I usually don't like 'different' kinds of names, but I like the name Honor. I like Demi and Bruce alot but their choice of names sucks (Rumer, Scout and Tallulah-maybe they call her LuLu for short; that's not bad). Maybe that is why Tatum O Neal has had such a horrible life; to be saddled with the name Tatum. Poor thing. I have 4 children and they all have traditional names.. I don't like the name Apple, either. I've seen the name "Max" be ridiculed and I think that is an excellent name... Also the name Liam is a neat name..As for the name Honor, there was an actress named Honor Blackman (from England) who was in a James Bond movie.. I don't like the name Harlow (sounds like Harlot). I bet she will get teased alot in school. Poor thing. Just my two cents...


Kind of interesting they bashed on Cash's name..okay just to give the writer a little history lesson because obviously they're totally cluless on classic all american names. Cash is one them, typically spelled Cache. Cash is a cowboy name, like Kelly or Wyatt or Wiley. Being a Kansan its almost insulting that 'city folk' bash on such a classic american name. Is this writer even american? I dont like the name Honor either but saying its worse than APPLE?! You're kidding right? This writer couldnt find thier a** with both hands.


I dont see how Isaiah washington jr. is bad,its normal!!peaches and apple and julia roberts poor twins,why arnt they up there?Honor is funky,I Dont see why the celebs cant just name thier poor babies something traditional or slightly normal,it almost makes me feel like its for publicity,"WHO CAN FIND THE WIERDEST BABY NAME?"Why cant you name them Leah,Stephanie,Jessica,something normal??Not Douchbag and Fruit Salad,COME ON NOW!!How many normal people do u see naming thier children Pilot and Vanity?Its Ridiculos!!


I don't know if it's the worst name out there (hello Pilot Inspektor & Peaches Honeyblossom!), but it's definitely ridiculous.

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