Ethan Hawke, Ryan Shawhughes: Out for a Stroll

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To celebrate Father's Day, Ethan Hawke took a stroll through New York City with his two children - Maya (not pictured) and Levon - and his future baby's mama, Ryan Shawhughes.

Maya and Levon are children Hawke had with Uma Thurman, while Shawhughes is the woman he was rumored to break up with Thurman for. So this is one, big, happy, awkard family.

Ethan Hawke and Ryan Shawhughes Pic

Everybody can love again. Hey all...Give him a break.


this post should be named: "Ethan Hawke: Out with a troll" freaking horrible piece of trash


All of us know this isn't truth. Ethan didn't split because of Ryan. His fans are sick those gossips.Please!!!!!!! Stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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