Diana Bianchi Will Indeed Testify in Brinkley Case

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Aspiring singer / teenage mistress Diana Bianchi will testify in the upcoming divorce trial of Christie Brinkley, her lawyer confirms.

Diana Bianchi, then 18, was the woman at the center of the sex scandal that ruined the marriage of Brinkley and Peter Cook in 2006.

Supermodel and mom Christie Brinkley, 54, and home-wrecker Diana Bianchi, 19.

"She is looking to move forward in her life and regain her anonymity," Bianchi's attorney, Rosemarie Arnold, said.

"She has pursued a career in music by choice. That choice has nothing to do with Christie Brinkley or Peter Cook. She wants the media to respect her privacy."

The trial â€" which will be open to the public, at Brinkley's request and by court order â€" is set to begin July 2 in Long Island, New York.

According to Access Hollywood, Brinkley will claim that Peter Cook â€" with whom she was married 10 years and has two children, Jack, 13, and Sailor, 9 â€" would often peruse online porn and swinger sites in search of other women.

Cook's fling with Bianchi (his then-assistant) prompted Christie Brinkley to file for divorce in 2006.

Diana Bianchi later sued Peter Cook, but they settled out of court.

Brinkley is pleased the trial is open to the public because "she's still spitting mad at Cook," a source told Access Hollywood, while Cook's camp insists the public trial is a revenge-motivated, unnecessary spectacle.


Show me a guy who says he isn't being satisfied at home and chances are you'll find a LIAR!! She has been married 4 times, so she has bad taste in men or poor judgement, you can't really blame her for that. A good man is hard to find, I see 4 good examples right here. She has every right to drag his name through the mud, revenge always makes you feel better.


I think monica lewinsky is probably better in bed!!!


i agree with victor. she really is gorgeous and most likely terrific in bed


are people blind? anybody would choose that gorgeous young woman over christie any day!! she is 18 and fresh , christtie is 54 with a lot of miles on her .


One thing is for sure in this "fairytale": Noone has any class nor any integrity. Brinkley's been married four times - one wonders why and if she's not partly to blame in all this. Cook's interested in porn and other women - ummm, oh yeah, he's a GUY who's not being satisfied at home - welcome to the group Cook! Diana is 18 and adventurous - has already sued Cook and now wants a career in music - will this help her? Undoubtedly. Does she know it? Undoubtedly. Diana's step dad was the one telling Brinkly about the affair - why would he do that unless he thinks he personally has something to gain, like his step-daughters music career or maybe he's infatuated with Brinkley - in either case, he's an idiot for breaking up a marriage in this fashion. Diana's mom - is she the only one with integrity and staying quiet and out of the limelight. If so, cudos to her.


What the heck was Peter Cook thinking! Diana Bianchi is a dirty little whore. Brinkley is the epitome of class.


I think that married four times BRINKLEY can not
believe that for the first time a Guy cheat on her,she was the one in control always,she is like a mad women who want the heart and money from Peter.I found her big fat face disgusting
and phony.
I bet she was no good in bed

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