Denise Richards: My Kids are in Therapy

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Charlie Sheen may be a moronic racist.

But he still has a long way to go until he's as awful and self-involved as a parent as ex-wife Denise Richards.

Denise Richards and Daughters

The star of Denise Richards: It's Complicated has exploited her children further (we didn't think it was possible, either!), by telling In Touch Weekly that little Lola, 3, and little Sam, 4, are in therapy.

"My kids are in therapy. It's very sad that they need to be there, but they do for now. On the other hand, it's good they have an outlet to deal with their feelings and someone who is just their advocate."

Wait, Denise? Do you mean to say that appearing on a reality show isn't an outlet to deal with their feelings?

Kids, you can go back to your nanny as soon as Mommy cashes in on your cuteness.

Richards, ever the humanitarian, added:

"If I can help anyone feel better about their kids being in therapy, then something else good has come of this."

Got that, concerned parents of the world? If your children are in need of psychiatric help, don't worry: someone as normal and as grounded as Denise Richards has been through this.


It cracks me up how she still desperately clings to her "Wild Things" role. She has mentioned it in several episodes. In what year did that movie come out? What has she done since? Oh, yes...of course, homewreck and exploit her children. If anything, her show has only resulted in me finding her to be even more pathetic than I did before.


Denise is a publicity whore! She thinks by mentioning her personal business it will endear her to us and raise her reality show ratings. She is just a has been who uses her daughters for her own gain. She is screwing up these girls!


It might not be so bad, I mean the kids have been through a lot anyway...but either way, good job with the humanitarian efforts, D!


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If I have my kids on my show, I'm exploiting them. If I don't, people will think I'm not a hands on mom – That's why it's very important to me that the girls are part of it.

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