David Letterman Manhandles Spencer Pratt

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This interview is from a week ago now, but Spencer Pratt's appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman is definitely worth revisiting.

The talk show host had a field day with The Hills villain, skewering him over his hefty nightclub appearance fees, asking him what exactly he does for a living (a fair question), flat-out calling him a dope and so forth.

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Click to watch CelebTV's two-minute highlight reel of Spencer Pratt's visit to The Late Show, which also features a talk with Heidi Montag backstage:

David Letterman: "How do you think [the interview] is going so far?"
Heidi Montag: "It's going really well. Spencer's the man."
David Letterman: "For what?"

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These two are famous for nothing. How does that happen? They're not better looking or more talented than anyone else? How can I get a gig like that?