David Cook Taken Out to the Ball Game... by Kimberly Caldwell!

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Kimberly Caldwell may have sung the national anthem at Dodger Stadium Wednesday night - but she received national attention for the man she sat next to afterwards during the game:

American Idol champion David Cook.

Awesome Trio

Witnesses told E! News this pair, who has been on at least one other date, "were all cute and cuddly... They definitely looked like a couple. But they were acting like they wanted to keep it low-key."

Kimberly Caldwell sang the national anthem, and then watched the Dodgers fall to the Colorado Rockies.

Cook and Caldwell stayed for the game, cheering on the Dodgers, as they fell 2-1 to the Colorado Rockies in a classic pitcher's duel.

"Apparently Cook is a big Dodgers fan," a source said. "He just wanted to enjoy the game with his girl."

That's sweet. But if baseball is Cook's game, perhaps he should date Carrie Underwood.


He can do so much better than her...she's using him to gain more fame!


I agree. i had no idea who she was then when i did see her i thought, "why david why?" she's a loud obnoxious blonde who doesn't deserve to date David Cook.


To tell you the truth, I had no clue who the hell Kimberly Caldwell does until i heard they were going out. I really don't think she deserves him. And also, i think he would look pretty cute with Carrie. She's very humble and real. unlike Skanky doodle over there.


I agree that David Cook should focus more on his career. I also agree that Kimberly seems to be a loud, low class girl not the nice girl that David thinks of her but love is blind. I hope he sees the light soon. It's probably better that he wait instead of jumping into a relationship that seems to be rushed. He should just be friendly at this time while he fishes out who's good for him.


Kimberly Caldwell is a whore, I hate her. She's an opportunist bitch who takes advantage of David's fame, that slut doesn't love him, I agree with Jhen: she wants an additional 15 minutes of fame by dating David.


Sorry but I think she's pretty annoying. Just the way she carries herself, speaks, the whole lot. I honestly think she wants an additional 15 minutes of fame by dating David.
David could do soooo much better than this woman. He needs a grounded, mellow, yet determined, woman, not some trailer park trash.


I honestly do not like Kimberly. She just seems really loud and obnoxious. I absolutely love David and wish him a good relationship but this isn't it in my opinon. I think he should stay focused on his music and not his love life. The first album of an American Idol is critical on whether he will stay on top or not. There should be no distractions. Sorry Kimberly


i think he should have waited a little,but he obvously is into her.i wish him sucess but as a true fan i am worried at what this will do to his career.noone expects him to be alone but this relationship has bad energy around it.iwish he was like carrie a little more focused on his career n music fans are slipping away everyday cos the notion is that he isj ust an actor and tricked people into voting for him.lets see if he can stand against all odds but if the worst happens i wont feel sorry for him cos he brought this on himself


i love David Cooks talent, voice and looks. i hope he has great sucess. i will buy any thing he puts out. i wish i had more info on what he is doing each week, since he isn't on the show weekly any more i miss hearing about what he is doing. i wish kimberly and him the best. i hope she is with him for all the right reasons. i think they have a lot in common and could really hit it off. it might be a good moment and it might not be a good moment for him. he has a lot of work ahead of him but he is a person too and needs love in his life....


I haven't seen Kimberly Caldwell on tv to see what type of personality she is. If her motive is right concerning David Cook, meaning hope she isn't dating him for the publicity, and if DC really likes her then hope they have a good time together and see what happens. He needs a lot of support right now it seems, he looked really tired the last time I saw him on-line at the Walmart shareholders meeting. Hope she can persuade him to get the rest he needs. Adavidcookfan


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