David Cook is Not a Ladies Man

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Now that he's dating Kimberly Caldwell, it may not matter very much.

But David Cook says he was never really a ladies man, lacking the confidence necessary to sweep a potential mate off her feet.


"Looking a pretty woman in the eye and convincing her I'm worth taking a chance on is different," Cook said recently, when asked to compare his stage bravado with his personal life. "It takes a specific brand of guts, and it's not the kind I have."

David Cook may not be smooth, but the American Idol champion wouldn't have to say much to win over most women.


Drama queens in America? Hardly likely, sky boy. Do they pay you entertainment boys with money? tina and Julie, the poster from across the ocean. I guess that's what you call quaint, isn't it?


America - the land of the free (and the home of the Braves) means we have the freedom to choose what music we like. How boring this world would be if we all listened to the same music.
Lighten up. No one cares if you turn off your radio my is CRANKED UP when DC sings.


What a bunch of drama queens you are on here. I myself love DC. But, if you don't that's fine but, for god sake quite sitting around whinning about it!


My radio is staying off these days, too. Thanks to the idol.


Who loves him? Who? You? lolol He needs to learn to sing before he gets pushed as being anyones idol! Calling it a fraud show is right on!


David, You could spend the rest of your life going out with women who ask you...so don't worry. We love you just the way you are!, XOXO


HAHA Gay Boy Number 1!!!!!!!! HAHA 8D


Another gay brit tool. Simon must be real nice to him.


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I started this season — much to Simon’s chagrin — as the word nerd and I’m absolutely at a loss for words. Thank you guys. This is amazing. Thank you.

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