David Cook is Not a Ladies Man

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Now that he's dating Kimberly Caldwell, it may not matter very much.

But David Cook says he was never really a ladies man, lacking the confidence necessary to sweep a potential mate off her feet.


"Looking a pretty woman in the eye and convincing her I'm worth taking a chance on is different," Cook said recently, when asked to compare his stage bravado with his personal life. "It takes a specific brand of guts, and it's not the kind I have."

David Cook may not be smooth, but the American Idol champion wouldn't have to say much to win over most women.




These people making statements that DC "can't sing" have absolutely no eye or ear for brilliant, unique talent. I honestly would actually like to sit down and engage in a real conversation with him. He is an intriguing person. If David Cook serenaded me in between topics of discussion, I would be the happiest womaon ever and could not ask for more in life!


Oh, yes. And nasty bitter old women, too. There must be some place special where y'all can go to congregate. Loosers Club.
The rest of us think David Cook is fantastic.


Good thing these sites exist so all you negative types can blow it out your collective asses with regularity. Too bad you don't have anything else to do with your lives, though. See your doctors. Get your meds changed. There's something wrong with you if you just can't stand to let people have their joy where they find it. Bitter old men. NOT Cool.


You are jealous of David because he's really gorgeous, hot, sexy, talented...Probably you are fat and ugly guys.
David Cook is the hottest man in the world, that's it.


Why are you people just writing a bunch of foul things about AI and David Cook? The show has launched some successful careers, and apparently a lot of people love David. So why the nastiness? Have you nothing better to do, like look up things on the internet that you actually like? and guess what, there's a lot of stations on the radio that don't play David's song. Change the channel!


Sorry not to be more specific. The land of the free and the home of the (Atlanta) Braves


The whole point Julie & I are trying to get across is..listen to whatever you want to. But, why are you wasting sooooo much energy to fight over American Idol? If you don't like what they are sending out then oh well. Why don't you pick up a guitar & make something better if you can. Then at the very least you wouldn't sound like a arm chair musican.


You are entirely right when say:
"American Idol champion wouldn't have to say much to win over most women."
He so sexy, sweet and cute that the women all melt down for him !
You all luv you Cookie Boy !


Land Of The Free, And The Home Of The Brave, poser. You posers can't even pose properly. Someone's not getting their expenditure worth of internet trolls, losers.


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