David Cook is Not a Ladies Man

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Now that he's dating Kimberly Caldwell, it may not matter very much.

But David Cook says he was never really a ladies man, lacking the confidence necessary to sweep a potential mate off her feet.


"Looking a pretty woman in the eye and convincing her I'm worth taking a chance on is different," Cook said recently, when asked to compare his stage bravado with his personal life. "It takes a specific brand of guts, and it's not the kind I have."

David Cook may not be smooth, but the American Idol champion wouldn't have to say much to win over most women.


voice of an angel...


David is one of the nicest, most talented guys I have ever met. He very smartly chose Idol as a way to get his name out there and worked really hard to make it as far as he could on the show. He has succeeded in releasing a high quality album with not one skippable track including the bonus/hidden ones. He has a platinum & gold single and soon to be a platinum album. You sick, bitter folks who have nothing better to do than trash other people and ideas on the internet need to just go away and get a real life. I understand if you don't like the guy but it is not necessary to be so nasty about it!


David cook is beautiful IN and OUT..
I admire him so much!!
I SWEAR!!!!!!!!


give the guy a break..hes doing something he loves n getting paid big time,how many ppl can honestly say that these days!


Ok people, you seriously need to get over youselves. You're talking crap about David when you're the ones going on sites you don't even like posting bs about whoever pops up first. David Cook is a genuine, respectful man who should be an inspiration to everyone. He has a great talent, he's humble, sweet, sensitive, and one of the nicest most sincere guys I've ever seen. All you pathetic haters would do good to learn a lesson from him.


Look, American Idol happens to be one TV show that both adults and youth can watch. Very clean and wholesome. In addition. David Cook who says he "never tried drugs", is polite, and treats ladies with respect. It is also clear that he is a family person. His family were there for him all the way. There is much to be said, and observed by watching (David Cook). He is a wonderful example for young people, not to mention entertaining, fun, and a delight to watch. I especially enjoyed his mom in the audience. So all you people. Give him a break. He is one of the good guys.


I don't understand anyone posting hateful comments about a singer. Why are they even on the website? David Cook's singing could easily be avoided. If you don't like American Idol, change the channel. Seeking out websites about someone or something you hate in order to say negative things doesn't make sense. I agree with the above post that such people should "change their meds", or see a psychiatrist.


Cook is hot, it's just a pity he's gay. Kim Caldwell is too ya know....this is a bunch of nonsense Cook's people put together to avoid questions about his preference.


so wrong..as a singer and musician i myself i say cook was the obvious winner from the start..he 'grew' the most and was most creative and also is MUCH more versatile that archuleta - who has a great voice but, pretty much a one-trick pony...my opinion but it is a fact that his range of talent is not even close to DC and even archuleta himself has said so...DA will be fine anyway- he will have a good career and has lots of fans...but DC was the rightful winner....first time in the history of AI it has happened...


BS. If singing were the true criterion, as specified by the premise of the show, David Archeleta would be the winner.
The number of votes for candidates and method of voting is still suspect..


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