David Cook Faces Fears, Sings National Anthem

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Referring to it as "the scariest thing I have ever done," David Cook sang the national anthem before Game 3 of the NBA Finals next season.

"The nerves are way worse [than on American Idol]," Cook told reporters moments before his Tuesday night rendition of the Star Spangled Banner. "It's the one song you don't want to mess up. I'm going to try not to notice Jack Nicholson sitting in the front row and think about the lyrics."

Awesome Trio

Cook, of course, succeeded with that goal, performing a rendition of our nation's song better than the Celtics performed on defense in the game's final minute. (Seriously, who leaves Ray Allen one-on-one to guard Kobe Bryant?!?)

Despite his trepidation, the American Idol champion - who was joined in the stands by girlfriend Kimberly Caldwell - was able to make a joke prior to the contest:

"No matter what I do, I don't have Simon Cowell telling me how dreadful it was."

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I find it hard to believe how easily people can be critical of others. I figure...how can I be the judge, jury and convict someone if I haven't step into their shoes and walked around awhile...I can't imagine how nervous I would have felt in a situation like this. Life is an adventure...step up and make the most of it...and learn by what life brings us....David you are amazing for doing what most of us can't or won't by just taking a chance and stepping up. Congrat's...


Archuleta has probably been singing the NA since he was in diapers, with his Dad commanding him to perform. The NA is a very powerful, very emotional song -- and far more suited for the richer baritone of Archuleta -- but Cook is far more tallented, far more versatile and deserved his win.


Dump the has-been, David. Obviously a publicity stunt by someone who didnt make it but wants her 15 minutes of fame care of David Cook, Cut your losses before too much time has elapsed. Focus on your music and your talent -- can't wait 'till your record comes out


Look. Let's be honest. Even a David Cook fan has to admit he wasn't very good. Okay, do this. Listen to Cook again and then liste to Archuelta. Archuleta did a great job and sang with passion. I'm sure he was nervous but he handled it well. David Cook, stop focusing on Kimberly and women and focus on what you're supposed to do. As you say, put out an album that will make the hair on your nect stand up. Sorry David, don't think you can do it. Archuleta on the other hand I believe can. Good luck to you anyway but my money is on Archuleta who I believe should have won in the first place. I think American Idol is somewhat shady and I think although everyone knew Archuleta had much more talent, you won for reasons I won't go into but you might even know what they are yourself. Focus on your work!!!!!


The sound system on the youtube video really sucked. Cook's performance was not enhanced with the echo effect seen in many other NA performances. So he sounded too dull, mono with no emotions. Add to that the dilemma that Cook purposely sang the NA with no runs. But hearing the NA sung with no runs was really nice. Straight anthem like the way it should be. Overall, I think Cook started out off-key but nailed the NA after that. If I were physically at that stadium, I bet he would have sounded great in person. The youtube video is too mono.


why do you reporters keep giving attention to the skankwell woman. Enough already. She is bringing him bad luck and probably wearing him out. He can't even sing anymore! It was an awful performance! and I'm a fan


yeah i thought he was a little nervous i was thinking how he would sing the NA but he did a good job for being nervous and i like the Joke!!


It was a great rendition. He did a pretty good job after he got through the first couple lines.


As Randy Jackson would have said, it was a little pitchy at the beginning. Once he got past the first 8 bars, he was just fine.


He did a good job. He sang it the way it should be sung, which he said on the pregame show he was going to sing it straight. He was just looking at the flag the whole time so I don't thing he was terrified or else you would have heard it in his voice. It is a hard song to sing and I think he did a good job.