David Archuleta Praises Jeff Archuleta

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Over the weekend, David Archuleta was pressured into praising his father, Jeff Archuleta, for the world to read. So we assume, at least.

After summarizing his Father's Day plans, David wrote the following on his MySpace page:

"Thanks everyone for wishing my dad a happy Father's Day. I really appreciate that and I know he does as well. He's been great so I'm glad you guys took time to send him your messages. Hope everyone else's dads had a great time, too!"

Did Jeff Archuleta force his son to write a positive blog about him? It wouldn't shock us if so.

The elder Archuleta was banned from appearing backstage on American Idol earlier this year, following an incident in which he screamed at show producers for not allowing his son to change lyrics on a song; he's been referred to many times as a controlling stage dad.

The 17-year-old David has always stood by Jeff's side, however.

Meanwhile, fans will get a chance to see the singer do what he does best during the upcoming American Idol Idol tour, while David will also release a debut album in the fall.


this is soo fake!!! david was not pressured!!!!!!!! he did it becuase he has a noble heart!!!!! all these tablods have nothing bad to say about the arcuheltas becuase they are good people!! if you tablods have nothing to say then dont say nothing at all!!!!!!!! they are nice people!!! jeff is an amazing father and has a good heart!!! stop talking bad about them!!!!!!


I think this kid and his father have been given eough drama. What it all amounts to is publicity for a runner up whose parents cannot accept the loss..The kid was too boring and the American Idol winner has the maturity to skim over all of this and has gotten on with being the Idol and well deserves the title.


I say, AMEN, to all the above. I'd like to see more parents involed in a minor careers . What respect David has for his dad. He is a role model for the young kids today, plus he has an amazing, amazing voice. I hope and pray David keeps up the wonderful job he is doing, and shows the world the respect that he has for his dad. You go for it David. Can't wait for your CD. See you in Las Vegas.


Please be fair to David's dad. David loves his dad very much and having his dad around him is such an honor. His dad is his mentor and friend. I read from his journal that his dad has been his supporter and confidant throughout AI competition. Maybe, more teens/artists should have dads like Mr Archuleta.


David is an amazing singer and person - with a family who cares for him. Maybe some of the stars in the news today should have strong guidance like him so they're not ending up as the young stars of today are.


COME on.... If he was my son I would also be involved in his life- no different than guiding your kids on high school electives, college applications and career choices. I hope that is what responsble parents do. Give the dad a break.
I hope he keeps looking out for his son. What is wrong with our world where that is a problem? Must be a slow news day.


Please give this family a break. David Archuleta is sincerely just telling his fans how he spent father's day with his dad. His blog is not meant for the press to read. His words are simple and straight from the heart. You can read it here: www.myspace.com/davidarchuleta


I can't believe that this story is still out there and getting more outrageous each time I read it. David could not be the outstanding singer and person that he is without the help of his wonderful parents. That's the story you should be going after, but no...lets make up some sensationalized story to sell newspapers. Guess what...the world is not buying it and you just look stupid putting it out there. There was NEVER one name that was given to validate this story, so you'd better go back to journalism school. You are SO NOT BELIEVED!f We choose to get our information from people who truly know them. David's father has sacrificed for years to help David achieve his dream, and he will stay committed to that, because that is what good fathers(and parents) do. There is NO NEGATIVE story here so just deal with it!!!


Enough already. I certainly don't know Jeff Archuleta, but any father (and mom too) who raised such an absolutely beautiful, humble and talented young man, can't be that bad. Did anyone ever think that maybe David's father is a good musician who knows music very well and is just guiding his son. The depth of David's soul and knowledge of music, along with his vocal perfection, is extraordinary, and I think this comes from within David but brought out from his parents' musical influences. Let's stop talking about his dad and making David feel he needs to defend him to the public and the media. Trust me, David, don't feel bad...intelligent people get it! Let's talk about David's extraordinary talent. The dad stories are getting old and I feel are fabricated or overly exaggerated.


Now be nice. Write us a nice story on how this remarkable young man began his journey at sixteen and manage to stand on the winning platform knowing he blew everyone away with his winning last three performances. All with a standing screaming crowd of millions. This is a winner. This is the true story of David Archuleta.


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He's been my role model. Just a great person to look up to. He's been my big brother through this.

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He's given me a lot of good advice and helped me from making any dumb decisions. He understands more than anyone what I want in music, and I've felt really blessed to have someone like that.

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