David Archuleta Avoids Cooties

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Weeks ago, we caused quite an uproar by implying that David Archuleta had a girlfriend.

Whether or not that was valid, the American Idol finalist has made one thing clear: he never got to first base with that random girl.

D. Arch

According to an interview with Seventeen, Archuleta has never locked lips with anyone. Here are a few highlights from the cutie's conversation with that magazine:

When was your first kiss?
I haven't had a first kiss.

What's a girl fashion trend that confuses you?

I don't get those really short skirts.

What's the girly movie you secretly love?
I only know of one, and it was good: A Walk to Remember. I hear so much about The Notebook, but I've never seen it. That's the one all the girls were like, "Aww!"

Netflix orders for The Notebook just increased significantly, as teenage girls across the country hope to watch it with David Archuleta and be his first kiss.


P.S. I also think short skirts are demoralizing and disgusting. And both A Walk To Remember and The Notebook are amazing movies!!! (sorry for spelling awesome wrong)


I think thats aewsome that you haven't had your first kiss!... I'm 18 and I haven't had mine yet either. I just think that it will be even more special when I meet the perfect guy for me!


hey sorry if i spelled wrong i still like you


no madder what they say i still like you


Omg u r so hawt. I love u. Did u know i am a movie star. I rock just like u!!!!!!


OMG i LUV a walk to remember!!!!


A true mormon!!!!!!! I LOVE Mormon boys since i am a mormon!!!!! Dont worry David i dont get short skirts either!!!!! modest is Hottest!!!!! CTR!!!!


oh my gosh! i like a walk to remember too! i mean its kinda suprising u like it too but its a pretty decent movie, it never get old to me. but yeah high five haha!


DAvid archuleta might hav a gf but he ses he don't lie so maybe not if he does luck lucky girl!!! any1 wld wanna b her!


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David Archuleta finished second on the seventh season of American Idol. The adorable, talented singer suffered from vocal chord paralysis... More »
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He's been my role model. Just a great person to look up to. He's been my big brother through this.

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He's given me a lot of good advice and helped me from making any dumb decisions. He understands more than anyone what I want in music, and I've felt really blessed to have someone like that.

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