Clay Aiken, Jaymes Foster May Procreate Again

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Clay Aiken is having a son with Jaymes Foster.

That news was big enough. But don't expect him to stop there!

The 29-year-old singer and his 50-year-old producer and friend, who he has impregnated the old-fashioned way (artificial insemination), used advanced IVF therapy to conceive their first child, who is due this summer.

But celebrity news magazines are reporting that Jaymes Foster has already frozen more eggs so they can have a second baby next year.

Aiken has also set aside some sperm. You may vomit at will.

WARNING: This man may not stop at fathering one child.

"[Jaymes Foster] is due in August, so she'd like to conceive again next March," a source says. "That way, she would give birth in December 2009. Clay and Jaymes are committed to having at least two children."

"They're both incredibly successful and wealthy, so money is certainly no object. And Clay just adores children. He is going to make a wonderful and caring father. There's absolutely no doubt about that."

Surely his fans agree.


I can guess most of them but, don't remember most of the dates. For the life of me, coludn't remember #8. But, I had fun drooling er looking at all of his pictures. Loved him as a blond!!


Damn! Hes a freakin weirdo. Who gives a damn if hes having
2 kids. Will it be another boy? maybe theyll both be gay
Clay Aiken is wayy to crepppy so I had to stop being a fan
And this picture is so ugly! But i lmao at the caption! lol
That is a warning lol. Ewww that picture makes him look fat
and gay! He needs to shave..what a weirdo


I believe we have a future Micheal Jackson replacement in Clay.........


could you have used a worse picture?
he's lost weight and looks great these days.
don't know what the details are in the pregnancy deal and don't care. he's a nice guy who loves and works for children. so he wants his own.....with someone he loves. it's his business.
as for his last cd it's great. listen to it and judge for yourself.


Hmm. I think Clay has 'gone Hollywood', meaning he's thinking like the boobs out there. This just doesn't seem right. I thought Clay was a Christian? He's gotten too strange for me. Are they 'friends' or something more? Odd situation if you ask me and odd for the kids when they grow up. Why don't people think of the kids first. Selfish people.


I too was a huge fan of Clay (as a matter of fact, I went to the Capital One Celebration on Ice wearing a wedding dress, veil and held a sign saying "Marry Me Clay), but this news hurt me so badly that I have decided not to be a Claymate anymore.


Too effin' creepy for me. I used to be a fan, but after two dogs of albums and his increasing eccentricity, I'm outta here!


As a fan and member of the fan club, I am very
happy for Clay that he is becoming a father. I don't like the way the news came out and how Jaymes was inpregnanted but I say Congratuations to Clay and Jaymes and if they decide to have another one next year, that is their business. I love Clay and his music and will continue to be in Clay's corner no matter what.
By the way I am not a giggly teenager but a 65
year old grandmother. CLAY FOREVER

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