Clay Aiken Angry at Inquisitive Celeb News Peeps

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Last Thursday, we reported that Clay Aiken and Jaymes Foster are expecting - through artificial insemination. It's a little bit strange.

Well, we can now report two new pieces of news:

  1. Jaymes Foster is having a boy!
  2. Clay Aiken is far from pleased when you ask him about it!

The former American Idol runner-up demonstrated a rare masculine streak last night, getting all up in the grill of a celebrity gossip photographer from TMZ who just wanted some more information on the unborn child.

Photos of Clay Aiken normally (left) and raging mad (right) last night.

Check out the video of Aiken's rage here. Then follow this link to see what Clay's legions of fans are saying about him and Jaymes Foster.


Can't you just all let him have some privacy at this very special time in his life. He will share when and if he gets ready to. He has already given so much of his time to so many he doesn't even know. Let him have some time for himself and family! PEACE!! Best wishes Clay and family, Love you


God!!!!!! how many frickin sites do I have to go too. Clay is NOT having this baby. I know Jaymes through a bunch a people and im not gonna say all this but email for proof


Good for Clay. I think peple who make money off
other people should get a job.


Wow! I think Clay looks hot when he's pissed off. He looks hot to me all the time but..............umh better not go there. It would be too much info on me. I'm thrilled that Clay's going to be a Dad and I'm happy for Jaymes also, though I wish it was me having his baby. Their baby is going to be so loved. I know that Clay has always wanted to have kids and I imagine Jaymes has also. Good Luck and God Bless to the three of them.


Jaymes looks every bit as dynamic as Madonna and no one blinks as she picks up her umpteenth child from the orphanage about being too old. Clay wants tp be a father? Why not? He'll make a great one. Leave the man alone. You are worth the gum he scrapes off his shoe.We've never doubted who and what he is all about.


There is nothing strange about a 50 year old conceiving a child with medical assistance. In fact, millions of women, much younger, do it all of the time, all over the world. Modern science has given women that ability. Her age is frowned upon because why? She is an older woman with a younger man? Do any people make such a big deal about these 70 year old men marrying 20 somethings? DOUBLE STANDARD!!! Jaymes Foster is a very vibrant and lovely woman and she and Clay deserve best wishes for a healthy delivery. As for Clay showing his masculinity. I have never doubted that at all. I take him at his word which he repeated over and over until the tabloids wouldn't stop hounding him. Then he drew the line. No more comments. BTW, he said he was straight! I say good for them if this is true, which is still not confirmed by anyone but TMZ, a sleaze site for sure.


Recently, I have become totally incensed about the "poison pen" write-ups on Clay Aiken. I have been writing blog after blog trying to defend him. I realize, however, that Clay needs no defense. He is who he is. He is talented and giving and has more soul than 90% of the celebs. we Americans tend to Idol worship. I recognize quality when I see it and Clay Aiken is loaded with it!


Again, the media is twisting a story. Clay was a perfect gentleman - in spite of all of this crap being tossed at him. And I don't know how he even holds his cool all the time. He was trying to get in a car, and simply pushed the camera aside when it was pushed in his face. He should have smacked the guy. It's disgusting already. Leave the man, the woman and the baby (whoever's baby it is) alone! I love Clay and nothing is going to change that. I just hope he doesn't get so sick of all of this, he just ups and quits someday--what a loss that would be!


I feel sad for Clay hearing all these made up stories; it must be just awful having a camera shoved in your face and being asked such rude questions. Good for you Clay....if I'd been there with you I would have broken the camera for you.


Clay doesn't go after those who talk about HIM. But don't mess with those he loves.
Way to go, Clay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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