Charlie Sheen to Denise Richards: You're a ... N-gger

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Celebrity quotes often makes us laugh, or cringe or wanna find the nearest rope to tie around the neck of Spencer Pratt.

However, the following words - uttered by Charlie Sheen to Denise Richards in a series of voice mails he allegedly left his insane, pathetic ex-wife - take the inappropriate, ridiculous, racist cake.

Hey, Charlie!

On tapes that mysteriously just popped up all over the Internet, Sheen went off on Richards:

I hope I never f-cking talk to you again you f-cking c-nt. F-ck you. You're a coward and a liar and a f-cking n-gger alright, so f-ck you.

We have numerous reactions to this rant:

  • Sheen likes f-cking more than Lindsay Lohan;
  • The sheer stupidity of saying such things on a voice mail almost trumps what was actually said;
  • Which do you think was the bigger insult to black people: The use of the N word, or the implication that Denise Richards is African-American?

Overall, as we've rightfully depicted Richards as an attention whore of an awful mother over the last few weeks, we've forgotten that Charlie Sheen is no Beaver Cleaver himself. The prostitute and pornography lover appears to be a racist moron.

Make a run for it, Brooke Mueller.


I agree. If you look it up in the dictionary it's ignorant. And apparently she is ignorant. He used it in the right context. I wish the two of them would move on. It's been years, people are trying to forget you, but how can we when you (DENISE) bring your garbage to the forefront all of the time. I never hear anything about Charlie, only that he wants to see his kids. Get a life, Denise.


Apparently, some folks are saying that Denise Richards is, indeed, part African American. One of her grandmothers is Black and this is what Sheen was calling out. I find it interesting that when things get down to the bone, the racism comes out. I wonder if Emilio ever pulled that type of nonsense on Paula?


Frankly I think Denise Richards IS of African American heritage. I disdain Charlie SHeen's rant. It's profane and viscerally racist. But just as his paternal heritage is Latino, not Anglo in any manner, I do believe that Denise is hiding her true racial identity, and probably is cause for some of the rage that fractured that marriage. Just my opinion. But study her facial features, her mannerisms. And I'm African American. I believe she lied about her racial identity and for anyone the likes of Charlie Sheen, a pseudo-Anglo himself, I would think that is a NO-NO!!! Denise Richards is at best a creole; she looks identically like my cousins


and the N-word is actually derived from the Latin word niger which does mean black(in color), but it also means someone lacking in general intelligence and sophistication. That is where the insult lies because it makes the assumption that all persons of African American decent lack essentially intelligence and not incapable of sophistication, style,manners, etc like our white counterparts which of course is a load of crap!!


It seems every time a celebrity rants in anger he/she pops out with this word. This is why many African Americans have such underlying mistrust and dislike of whites. We know deep down(not so deep) what white America really thinks of us. I was never a Charlie Sheen fan to any degree and what he thinks of blacks on individual basis really doesn't affect me. He does represent the mindset of mainstream(white)America which he actually has nerve since he's a minority himself(hispanic decent) and I do now believe the things his ex-wife says. He's been trying to deny her alligations well now we can read for ourselves the true low life he is.


Charlie Sheen is stupid. Denise Richards is so hot. I am a woman. I don't like to think other women are hot. However, Denise Richards is so beautiful to the degree I have to admit she is beautiful. I don't care what she did. She stole Heather's husband, who cares? Heather is a ugly woman. Charle Sheen, I can't wait to see you get divorce and pay the bitch... Ha Ha Ha


Call me naiive, but I don't think he was calling her African-American. I think he was calling her just what he said...almost like an a$$hole of sorts. However, I can imagine that she is really the racist one, so maybe for her n#@$ does mean African American and for her that's a huge insult, and maybe that was the only thing he could think of that would really piss her off. Anyway, I won't assume but I hope he's not a "Kramer" because then I will have to stop watching Two and Half Men. And for the record I am an African-American and it's GRRREAT!


Sheen calling Richards a n*gger has nothing to do with black people. Look up the word. It appears he used it in context. What's shocking is that these two people cannot move on.

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