Charlie Sheen to Denise Richards: You're a ... N-gger

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Celebrity quotes often makes us laugh, or cringe or wanna find the nearest rope to tie around the neck of Spencer Pratt.

However, the following words - uttered by Charlie Sheen to Denise Richards in a series of voice mails he allegedly left his insane, pathetic ex-wife - take the inappropriate, ridiculous, racist cake.

Hey, Charlie!

On tapes that mysteriously just popped up all over the Internet, Sheen went off on Richards:

I hope I never f-cking talk to you again you f-cking c-nt. F-ck you. You're a coward and a liar and a f-cking n-gger alright, so f-ck you.

We have numerous reactions to this rant:

  • Sheen likes f-cking more than Lindsay Lohan;
  • The sheer stupidity of saying such things on a voice mail almost trumps what was actually said;
  • Which do you think was the bigger insult to black people: The use of the N word, or the implication that Denise Richards is African-American?

Overall, as we've rightfully depicted Richards as an attention whore of an awful mother over the last few weeks, we've forgotten that Charlie Sheen is no Beaver Cleaver himself. The prostitute and pornography lover appears to be a racist moron.

Make a run for it, Brooke Mueller.

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mememe, u are stupid!!!


So Sheen has 'gone Imus' on us. I would've said 'gone Gibson', or gone Michael Richards, but it seems like there's a new racist blurt every month now. They're followed by the usual explanations of 'I didn't mean it', 'I didn't know that it was wrong', or even 'I was drunk/stoned out of my head when I said that'. So do you think that they'll cancel 2 1/2 Men, or just replace Chuck? It shouldn't be too hard, since almost every member of the Brat Pack needs work these days. Who likes Judd Nelson for the part??


To mememe, uh, you are aware that the Moors invaded Spain for quite some time and this is where an extensive amount of the culture comes from, no? Spain also has large populations of people of Jewish and Arab descent, in addition to the African ancestry, hence the dark features of many Spaniards. To say that Spaniards are purely White is simply not the case. This history is well documented.


Just for the people saying Charlie Sheen is part "latino". There is no such thing as a "latino" race. Charlie Sheen's grand father was from Spain, and Spaniards are White Europeans. I am of Spanish descent and I will take offense if anyone tells me I'm not a White person, because that is what Spaniards are. Thank you, bye.


i meant to add that he is a loser. How do you speak to the mother of your children like that? Then again, Richards was stupid for marrying him as is the current wife. He is a recovering addict who frequented prostitutes. What was she expecting?


of course using the 'N' word has everything to do with his lack of respect for black people. Anyone who uses it thinking that it is supposed to refer to anything else is kidding themselves.


Is this how white people talk to each other when no one else is watching?


hahaha thisis awesome! Charlie is the man! it was defused in context. to those ppl who take offense... there is a reason u take offense... i dont take offense when ppl call me names because im old enough and mature enough to not let NAME CALLING HURT ME WHEN I KNOW ITS NOT TRUE


This comment is to doesn't matter how or why he used it he should not have. That word is very offensive especially to the people that it is used on the most (Black People) I put both you and him in the same boat right now. This is PURE stupidity on both of your parts. He should know better.


I agree. If you look it up in the dictionary it's ignorant. And apparently she is ignorant. He used it in the right context. I wish the two of them would move on. It's been years, people are trying to forget you, but how can we when you (DENISE) bring your garbage to the forefront all of the time. I never hear anything about Charlie, only that he wants to see his kids. Get a life, Denise.

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