Celebrity Weight Loss Success Stories: Kristen Johnston

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Actress Kristen Johnston has turned her life around.

The Third Rock from the Sun star lost 60 pounds, and says she cut drinking and began eating healthy after being hospitalized with a bleeding ulcer.

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"It's a shock to the system," the actress told Extra.

Kristen, who was nearly unrecognizable at a PETA event in New York where she was protesting against horse-drawn carriages in the city, denied the recent anorexia rumors that have hounded her and said she feels amazing!

"I'm more than enough for you to handle," she said.

Chalk it up as another celebrity diet success story!


This was like 2 years ago. How is Kristen Johnston doing now, with her condition. I have a condition something like she had.


SUCCESS story???


From one ex-anorexic to another (Johnston) it is more than obvious she has a NON - eating disorder. When your chest bones protrude, the top half of your arms are smaller than the bottom half, your face is unrecognizable and your body can barely keep clothes on your too-thin body frame is the sign Johnston is anorexic. Losing 25-30 lbs would have done nicely but now she looks deathly. Trust me, by living with anorexia myself I can spot an anorexic 50 yards away. Kristen Johnston is anorexic. She'll deny it, but she is. There's a healthy way and non-healthy way your body should look like once you've finished losing weight. Johnston is unhealthy. She NEEDS to gain at least 25-30 lbs or she could lose her life altogether. I am now healtht, happy and have a rewarding career as an Eating Disorder Therapist. I pray Johnston gets help with her eating disorder before it is too late.


Ewww! She looks like crap!!