Celebrity Photo Dude Arrested For Stalking Jamie Lynn

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The Spears family policy towards paparazzi: If you can't avoid 'em, date 'em (right, Adnan?), and if you can't date 'em... hate 'em arrested!

Edwin Merino of Los Angeles, Calif., was arrested on Tuesday on charges of stalking pregnant teenage mother-to-be Jamie Lynn Spears.

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Authorities in Liberty, La., say Edwin Merino wouldn't leave 17-year-old Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge (her fiance and baby-daddy) alone.

Who on earth would stalk this adorable, domestic couple?

The celebrity picture-taker was in the middle of a four-day visit to the small town in Mississippi where the two just bought a house.

Merino denies the charge, saying that he was some 200 feet away from the couple, using a long lens, at the time he was arrested.

"I think since I was the only [celebrity photographer] there, it was just easier for them to single me out," he told authorities.

According to sources, Merino spent some time in jail before posting $1,143 in blood money bail and being released. Good riddance.


I think it's high time someone in the spears family got fed up with the papparazzi for the way the harrass them. Brittany became a train wreck because of them and now they are trying to turn the kid into one. Bravo Jamie Lynn You two deserve to be left alone. I feel you put yourself in that position but that's no excuse for them to stalk you. Keep your baby away from them once it's born only give pics to certin people who you trust. You don't want tabloids putting a second head on it or four legs and a tail. or something ridiculous like that.

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