Celebrity Hair Affair: Lily Allen

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Give Lily Allen credit.

When this singer makes a change to her hairstyle, she doesn't just go with bangs. Or curls. Or any sort of bun.

No, when Lily Allen wants a new look, she goes all the way. With that in mind, compare the pictures below and let us know which color hair you think looks best on this wild crooner:

Lily Allen Pink Hair
Lily Allen Up In A Bun Hair
Lily Allen Black And White Hair
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it is good sometimes 2 change hairstyle but dont go crazy with pink.i think the blonde color is fit for her.


I like the blonde hair. i had my hair pink before but it was not crazy like that


Eee, i must say.. When you want different don't go so out there especially pink. Only some people can pull off the pink hair. But I like the blonde hair, it looks cute on her.

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