Celebrity Hair Affair: Lauren Conrad

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"I've been trying to braid my hair like LC, and I can't figure out how she does it. Can you post a picture?" - from The Hollywood Gossip mailbag

We can't help this reader with tips on how to copy LC's look, but we can certainly oblige by posting a photo of this celebrity hairstyle - one as cute as it is unusual.

It helps to look as good as Lauren Conrad, of course.

Fans of The Hills may have noticed that in the third season, a single braid across the side of Lauren Conrad's hairline, with her long, otherwise straight and flowing locks, became her signature look of sorts. See below...

Just LC

What do you think of Lauren Conrad's signature, singular braid? How does it compare with some other celebrity hairstyles we've seen on The Hills and beyond?


i actually started doing this in third grade, when i didn't even know who lauren conrad was. & i'm in eighth grade now.


LOVEEE IT! I always do my hair like that!..its such a great style and its really pretty because its classy and elegant so u can wear it somewhere formal.or u can just wear it to the beach or hanging around because its casual too!..shes a style guru


hi, this is a great look for lauren. i want to learn how to do this but i cant figure it out (thats y im here) this look really brings out her face too. MISS CONRAD NEVA STOPS lol she keeps going and tries new looks. she is amazing
the 1 and only adri.. :) lol


It's pretty much a french braid, only smaller and along the top of the hairline.
Separate maybe a half inch section from a side part to the end of one eyebrow like Lauren's. Take a smaller section from in the middle of the half inch section and braid regularly twice. Then add some hair from the left side in the middle and braid once, then add hair from the right and braid. Keep doing it unil you reach the end of a eyebrow. Then use a bobby pin or two to secure it in place.


ahhh i love this hairstyle!! i want to do it to my hair so bad but idk how please help:/


how did you do your hair like that??


I Love lauren's hair ,the braid is so lauren shes always giving me tips for my cloths and hair!


love yu lauren ... ur so pritty...love ur hair! sooo in love wid the hills :)


I love it! can someone please tell me how i can do it!!!!!?


i love it i tried to do it in my hair but it wont work anyone got any hints??!!

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