Celebrity Hair Affair: Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise

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We understand kids want to look like their moms... but this must be cruel and unusual punishment, don't you think? We know the Bush administration doesn't care about civil liberties, but there's gotta be a law against this.

Witness below, Katie Holmes - owner of perhaps the single worst celebrity hairstyle in history - with daughter Suri Cruise, who just turned 2.

Two. Too young to be emulating mom's ridiculous haircut is more like it! Tell us, though, do you like Katie's hair, or do you agree with us?

Suri Cruise with Her Mom

Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise: The hair impaired.


Are you crazy ??? this style is gorgeous... I have loved All of Katies cuts... she is extremely stylish.


I think its the cuttest hair style, I have bangs too but my hair is not that short. If I could pull it off I totally would!


I don't agree with you either. They are both regarded highly for their style and beauty in many of the top beauty magazines, and no I don't mean Cosmo, more along the lines of Vogue and Harper's Bazaar. They are classically beautiful and you're argument especially with regards to the Bush's is illogical. You must be a very angry and jealous person.


I love their hair! They are both darling as can be. Infact I just cut my own 2 year old daughters hair to look very similar to little Seri. I love Katie holmes hair and would like mine to look very similar!


This hairstyle is beautiful, very pretty, sexy, very feminine.
Where do you get your opinion from that it's an awful haircut?
This haircut is extremely popular right now, and as a matter of fact, it is known as the "Suri" haircut or the "Katie" haircut. I went to get my hair trimmed a few weeks ago, and 2 girls (roughly in their 20's and early 40's) were talking about the cut and asking how much it would cost to get it done. Also, I was in Japan for 3 weeks on business, and it was the #1 haircut that you saw on very stylish business women in Tokyo. So please, take your opinion that it's an awful cut and........you know.........


yeah there is nothing wrong with their hair. you really should find something better to gossip about...


wow they are both beautiful...great hair and face...by the way jlo twins are so ugly...


I personally like the cut on Katie ;D


I agree with the sentiment - but SURI AND KATIE HAVE SOOO GOT IT RIGHT!!! As they are both gorgeously cute, they can get away with it - this bob is clean, funtional and CHIC.. Love love LOVE it!!! It's funny how no-one hates it - we all love it!


Also - Am I the only one who thinks Suri dusts baby Shiloh in the cuteness stakes? Suri vs Shiloh - Suri wins hands down!! Shiloh looks really weird...her mums lips might look better on her when she's older but for now they look like comic lips...Suri ROCKS!

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